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The Patient List is an electronic form in CCMDB.accdb on the laptop which lists all patients.

To access the patient list in CCMDB.accdb, click the Patient List button on the Main Form.

To view a patient on this list, click the "binoculars" button before that patient.

If a Serial number needs to be changed it has to be done in the Patient List to ensure all re-linking happens properly and that no data integrity checks get bamboozled by the change.

Aside from the Serial Number you can not edit patient information in the patient list itself because these edits would not be subject to the Data Integrity Checks.

column configuration of the patient list

The following fields are listed on the Patient List form.

Most have sort buttons located at the top of columns which can be used to sort fields numerically, alphabetically or chronologically.

Row colours on Patient List

The rows on this form are dynamically coloured based on the Service/Location of the patient. The colour is stored in the "colour" field of the S dispo table. To change the colour, choose a colour in a colour picker tool and tell Tina the Service/Location to change to this colour. This will change the colour for anyone who collects that location, so it needs to be coordinated by site to have sufficient contrast between colours.

We implemented this because space is limited on this form and this way we can show the Service/Location without using extra space for a column.

we could use the row colours for something else   

Coloring for service isn't very useful any more in medicine now that all records have the same Service/Location (though it may be in CC where they are still different). We could use conditional formatting for something else, e.g. MR status, discharged status, etc. Open to suggestions from collectors - what conditional formatting would make this list easier or faster to use? Ttenbergen 20:30, 2022 April 20 (CDT)

    • I'm not sure we need anything, I don't use this feature at all Lisa Kaita 08:26, 2022 June 3 (CDT)
      • If we don't have better use for auto-formatting then I will leave the conditional formatting as is; please discuss here if anyone can think of a better thing to conditionally format by colour in this form. Ttenbergen 15:18, 2022 June 8 (CDT)

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