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Legacy Content

This page contains Legacy Content.
  • Explanation: We moved to a different data structure for collection locations
  • Successor: s_dispo table

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Sites where we collect can be found in Site and Location table.

The S Locations table contains the locations where we collect data, i.e. the values that are allowed for the Location field. Possible contents of the field are documented in Site and Location table.

Data Structure

The table has three columns:

  • Site - 3 letter hospital code, e.g. HSC
  • Ward - 2-4 letter unit code, e.g. A4 or MICU
  • Location - combination of site and ward in format <site>_<ward>, e.g. HSC_A4
  • Program - CC (critical care) or med (medicine)
  • active - "logical delete" for the dropdown boxes, will only show up if checked/true
  • meanLOS3STDF - value used to warn of excessively long LOS during data collection, provided by the statistician.
  • colour - VBA colour value that this location will have in Patient List
  • service_type - is the unit a CTU/NTU, EMIP, ICU
  • Centre - variable mostly used by Julie for print order in reports

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