Change of GRA location names from "our" names to EPR/Cognos names

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We currently use different names for locations in s_dispo table (Previous Location, Pre-admit Inpatient Institution, Dispo) than in Cognos EPR Report, and sometimes different again in Boarding Loc. This page is about our plan to move to the EPR based names at the GRA. Other sites may follow, see Change of remaining location names from "our" names to EPR/Cognos names.

Collector instructions

Nothing left to do for collectors as of 2021-05-06

Name changes on wiki

We changed the page names and left redirects form the old page to not break links. It was done this way because these pages are quite interlinked, and a lot of other pages include the letters GRA, so an automated change would have been problematic.

Date Processor remaining tasks

As collectors send for the first time after this change, and because our D_ID is based on Service/Location, incomplete records will turn into an orphans. Pagasa will need to clear out orphans following the usual process Orphans_in_Centralized_data.mdb#how_to_properly_delete_an_orphan_in_CFE. Emailed Pagasa Ttenbergen 15:46, 2021 October 27 (CDT)

Data Processor's instructions

  • For Vetted cases, Pagasa has to change the affected ITEM values; this should be done by query, ask Tina for help with the queries if needed


Change Date = 2020-12-16:

  • Date new boarding loc entries will be available: Change Date
  • Date by which all boarding loc entries should be changed on collector laptops: Change Date + 5
  • Date by which Pagasa will change all vetted data: Change Date or later



As per email from 2021-05-04, "The question is whether to use the generic HIGH OBS and IMCU instead of physical locations H7S or L2ME if we would like to enter the physical locations COGNOS is showing. If the decision is physical Locations – how would I know which are the high obs wards? we would have to put it in the comments, so are we any further ahead?" How does that feature into our plan to move all to Cognos values? On the same note, it appears that GRA is using two designations for PACU dependign on post-OR vs Covid use...

  • SMW

  • Cargo

  • Categories

Swiss Army Knife.svg

  • decided at Task that we should to this for the other sites as well, need to execute.

once that's done, we will need to review if the following are still needed:

Julie email confirmed that she doesn't need the specific info listed on these pages since we now get the details in Boarding Loc. Ttenbergen 15:43, 2021 April 29 (CDT)

  • added: 2021-04
  • action:
  • Cargo

  • Categories

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