Change of remaining location names from "our" names to EPR/Cognos names

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We use different names for locations in s_dispo table (Previous Location, Pre-admit Inpatient Institution, Dispo) than in Cognos EPR Report, and sometimes different again in Boarding Loc. We have done a Change of GRA location names from "our" names to EPR/Cognos names, this page is about doing the same change at our other sites.

Decision to go ahead

We decided to go ahead with this change at Task_Team_Meeting_-_Rolling_Agenda_and_Minutes_2021#ICU Database Task Group Meeting – April 15, 2021 (#3), confirmed at the next Task meeting and again the one after.

However, there were emails and/or wiki discussions after this that raised concerns.

  • It's a blur to me now, but I seem to remember people still raising concerns about this change after the meeting. If you have ongoing concerns, please post them here. Ttenbergen 16:36, 2021 May 6 (CDT)
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Preparation needed

The related data dropdowns live in three tables: s_Cognos_Units table, S dispo table]], s_tmp table.

  • Tina would need to map current s_dispo table locations with Boarding Loc options so they compare properly. Some of this was previously started in s_Cognos_Units table.Dispo, but this has blanks and has not been validated.
  • Tina would need to determine what needs to be added to the Boarding Loc dropdown.
here is the query   

Collector instructions

Work in progress, don't go ahead with these yet!

  • we would make available the new unit entries as per wording in Cognos EPR Report as options for the Boarding Loc dropdown
    • we will keep the old ones around for now - if we removed them there would likely be problems in CCMDB
      • we will leave both old and new active until all are changed
  • Nothing to change in Previous Location, Pre-admit Inpatient Institution, Dispo - we will change the "names" you see in the fields that use s_dispo table - you won't need to change these, they will just reflect the change in the reference table
  • that will likely be more complicated at the other sites since these are not necessarily one-to-one mappigns...
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Transition plan

  • The Boarding Loc entries for all records currently on the laptops will be manually changed by the respective collectors collectors starting on #Change Date and before #Change Date + 7 days.

Tina's instructions

  • inactivate the old options
    • target date #Change Date
    • confirm no remaining old entries in pre-inpt, previous, service/loc, dispo.
SQL - but this is the wrong one...   

SELECT L_Log.D_ID, s_dispo.location_name, L_Log.RecordStatus, s_dispo.program FROM L_Log INNER JOIN s_dispo ON L_Log.Service_Location = s_dispo.dispo_ID WHERE (((s_dispo.location_name)<>"GRA_Med" And (s_dispo.location_name)<>"GRA_CC") AND ((L_Log.RecordStatus)<>"vetted") AND ((s_dispo.Site)="GRA"));

Data Processor's instructions

  • For Vetted cases, Pagasa has to change the affected ITEM values; this should be done by query, ask Tina for help with the queries if needed

Change Date

Change Date = 2020-12-16:



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  • Almost complete for Med, notified collectors of stragglers
  • 2020-12-30 asked Julie and Trish if CC should be next since they are now inconsistent with Med.
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  • action: no action date
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  • decided at Task that we should to this for the other sites as well, need to execute.

once that's done, we will need to review if the following are still needed:

Julie email confirmed that she doesn't need the specific info listed on these pages since we now get the details in Boarding Loc. Ttenbergen 15:43, 2021 April 29 (CDT)

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