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The program

X:\CCMDB\DSM Labs Imports\DSM Labs Consistency check.accdb

generates request extracts and imports lab data as provided by DSM.

The data is stored in DSM Labs data.accdb.



changes for next version

nothing right now

version 2020-09-30

  • updated the specs for the importer so it will work with the RecordStatus field added to requestor in last change. Ttenbergen 14:22, 2020 September 30 (CDT)

version 2020-08-13

version 2020-06-04

version 2020-05-06

  • added "DAO.DBEngine.SetOption dbmaxlocksperfile, 15000" to prevent out-of-diskspace error [1]
  • changed query 2_dedupe_appender_group to set DSM_TestCode to 0 rather than "not from group" for records arriving as test; this would have generated a hidden error all along but there would be no consequence to the data, this just cleans up that hidden error

version 2019-12-18

  • Added several labs as per Allan Garland, incl the ABG labs.
  • fixed a bug from last time, re-imported queries I had misunderstood
    • s_group_ListNewFound - used when labs first arrive to mark them with date
    • s_mapping_lab_NewFound - used when labs first arrive to mark them with date

version 2019-12-09

  • added automatic reconnecting (on opening the following runs: module DB_Connect, function DB_Connect)
  • removed old queries:
    • s_group_ListNewFound (replaced by s_group_imported_today)
    • s_group_ListNewlyAdded (replaced by s_group_imported_today)
    • s_mapping_lab_NewFound (replaced by s_mapping_lab_today)
    • s_mapping_lab_ListNewlyAdded (replaced by s_mapping_lab_today)
  • improved error messaging when trying to run export a second time the same day, which breaks because it tries to create a directory which already exists.

version 2019-05-15

version 2019-02-14

  • tweaked messaging and button hover overs slightly.
  • automated re-linking

version 2018-04-03

  • updated table s_mapping_lab to see new fields as PTT as per email from Allan Garland to Tina Tenbergen 2018-02-28

version 2017-11-24

  • updating importer to cycle through all files in a directory rather than opening each individually.

version 2017-04-29

  • changed the way new labs are checked for

version 2016-09-26

Moved to X:

  • some tweaks to deal with Alun's new data as of March. Ttenbergen 15:23, 2016 October 17 (CDT)

version 2015-12-01

local for now

  • adding checks for locations and labs that have not been encountered before. Ran across different field lengths, emailed Alun.Ttenbergen 14:43, 2015 December 1 (CST)

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