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The file

DSM Labs data.accdb in X:\CCMDB\DSM Labs Imports\

contains the s_ and L_ tables for DSM Data L_Labs_DSM table.

It uses DSM Labs Consistency check.accdb as a front end to request and to import data.

The statistician accesses it through SAS to analyze the data.



  • discussion to change the split to Jan 1, 2019 - but is that according to admit, lab dttm, or discharge?

Emailed Julie:

  • found overlap in old file, what does it mean
  • proposed using labDtTm for split threshold

Ttenbergen 16:51, 2024 May 2 (CDT)

  • SMW

  • Cargo

  • Categories

version 2023-08-27

  • Split of the file into DSM_Labs_data_pre_2023-08-27.accdb and DSM_Labs_data.accdb because the old one was generating error for further imports, likely too large Ttenbergen 21:52, 2023 August 27 (CDT)

Nov 18, 2020

- in the DSM_Labs_data.accdb, Julie rename the current L_Labs_DSM table with L_Labs_DSM_old and also relabel the new_Labs_DSM with L_Labs_DSM. in this way, all the queries set up by Tina will still work.

Nov 18, 2020

- Julie saved a copy of the pre Oct 1, 2020 of access containing the old DSM data and the Oct 29,2020 copy of new dsm lab data in the subfolder versions

Oct 29,2020

- Julie went back to the batch files from 2019 to Oct2020 dumped data from Alun, replaced updated the D_IDs which had changes, compiled and imported the new DSM Data into the DSM_Labs_data.accdb and relabel it 2020-10-29_DSM_Labs_data.accdb

Oct 2020 - Julie found some duplicates and/or missing lab tests in the L_Labs_DSM table due to changes in D_ID when sent to Alun and when imported to ACCESS.

version 2020-09-30

version 2020-08-13

  • Added Record Status column to the requestor file. --PTorres 15:46, 2020 August 13 (CDT)

version 2018-04-09

  • 2018-01-25 and 2017-10-26 data imported and uploaded to X Ttenbergen 17:17, 2018 April 9 (CDT)

version 2018-04-03

  • updated table s_mapping_lab to see new fields as PTT as per email from Allan Garland to Tina Tenbergen 2018-02-28

version 2017-11-24

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