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Data Integrity Checks
Summary: Validates entries for Boarding Loc
Related: Boarding Loc, Service/Location, Arrive DtTm, Dispo DtTm
Firmness: hard check
Timing: complete
App: CCMDB.accdb
Coding: query s_tmp_Boarding_Loc_date_item
Uses L Problem table: not relevant for this app
Status: implemented
Implementation Date: 2020/06/03
Backlogged: No

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  • Date_var and Time_var must not be on or after Dispo DtTm
  • Item should not be the same as the Service/Location for Medicine profile
  • When having a boarding location, both date and time must be present. Should not have missing time.

first boarding loc question

  • if we enter unit info from Cognos, then the unit start date and time for the initial boarding loc will almost always be before the accept date and time. So I have removed that cross check for now so we can decide how we want to do this. I think we should enter the unit start from Cognos; this will be easier, less typo-prone, and it will allow us to eventually move to a system where we simply import this from Cognos possibly without human intervention (or in any case, possibly with only administrative intervention rather than from nurse data collector). It would mean treating this data differently to screen out the time on unit before service, and it would mean we can no longer cross check for this. We will need to review out cross-checks anyway, we don't have one for services yet at all. Emailing Julie for input. Regardless of the what we decide, we will need to clarify this in Boarding Loc since collectors are likely entering this first boarding slightly differently. Ttenbergen 16:48, 2020 November 6 (CST)
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2020-11-06 removed requirement "Date_var and Time_var must not be before Arrive DtTm" until we can work out #first boarding loc question

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