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STB Swing Bed entries are "bed" records within a "unit" in EPR/Cognos. They are not beds or locations but conceptual service location and time entries used for patient moves. This data causes a patient record to show up in Cognos/CUS as having arrived on a unit even when the pt has not actually arrived, and it isn't visible in our listings whether the record is for a swing or real bed.

Collection Instruction


Are there actually differences in how CC, Med or different laptops do this? Or is the following correct for all?

  • Since any CUS entry at STB could be either a swing bed or a real bed, all of these service locations and times need to be reviewed.
  • If a CUS entry is for a swing bed, enter the correct entries (service location, date/time)
  • The applicable Cognos line(s) can then be manually excluded using the "exclude" button
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STBICU Swing/swap locations are not used by ICU as they represent the time the ward clerk is made aware the patient will be coming to the unit and in no way represent the actual arrival time; basically we ignore the swing times ICU takes our arrival time directly from the ICU flow sheets

  • SMW

  • Cargo

  • Categories


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A swing bed entry is used "as a placeholder to virtually locate a patient when their not physically on the unit such as in the Operating Room. " These show up in Cognos EPR Report as AsgnBed_Current

  • SBGH-L2ME-L2SWG-01

According to the Cognos data of 2020-12-08:

  • avg LOS in a swing bed: 2.91 hrs
  • max LOS in a swing bed: 10hrs
  • total LOS in non-swing beds: 69897
  • total LOS in swing beds: 134

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