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Location STB MICU
First Admission May 24 1999
Program Critical Care
Hospital STB
Nr of Beds 14
Collection Unit Phone: 2825 or 2826
Collection Unit Fax : (204) 235-3546
Collection Unit Manager : Tanis Sidloski
Collection Unit Manager Phone : (204) 237-2860
Collection Unit Clerk : Sharon




 see STB_MICU Collection Guide for collection instructions specific to this ward

Location profile

  • This unit is a mixed unit and admits cardiac,surgical and medical type patients. VV Ecmo patients can be admitted to this unit but if the pt has AV Ecmo, they are transferred to CICU under the Cardiac Surgery team. This is a tertiary care ICU.
  • Physical location in hospital is E2

This unit is referred to as ICMS when used as a boarding location, but remains MICU in the pre-admit pt. location, previous location & dispo fields.

Data Collection Guide

see STB MICU Collection Guide

STB_CICU overflow into STB_MICU


Also see infobox

Legacy Info

This unit was merged with the old STB SICU 15 January 2007