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We document collection locations using the Template:Collection Location. They can all be viewed on Site and Location table. However, much of that is from before PatientFollow Project and no longer representative

  • there are no more designated collectors
  • we may well have added or removed units and not update wiki, with all the dynamics during COVID

How should we update our collection location documentation? Who is the audience for it now?


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wiki housekeeping

  • How should we now keep track of the ward info on the wiki? Do we actually need to? Or is it sufficient to tell the number of beds at e.g. Grace Medicine? what links to site/locations page is likely an indicator of the audience for this info, but Julie may well link from reports as well. Depending how we want to use this going forward, a static page might be an option, but then we can no longer link to individual locations. If we keep separate locations, we need to make sure we keep them updated.
  • I have put this on Julie's question list as well, and emailed Julie and Lisa about it. Ttenbergen 16:07, 2021 July 14 (CDT)
  • added: 2020-10-15
  • action: 2021-09-01
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  • How should we now keep track of the ward/unit info on the wiki? More questions on page.Ttenbergen 16:07, 2021 July 14 (CDT)
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Wiki infrastructure that will need changing

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