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The s_LocationData table in CCMDB.accdb contains the possible values for the metadata for locations. See Location metadata storage.

Data Structure

field type description
location_name text unique ID, name of the location in s_dispo table and Boarding Loc and on this wiki
attribute_name text name of the attribute, e.g. "bed count"; there should be a wiki page for each of these to explain how they are used and how they tie into queries and reports
attribute_value text value of the attribute, e.g. "15" in case of bed number
Start_DtTm date when this location-attribute-value combination becomes active
End_DtTm date when this location-attribute-value combination stops

End_DtTm is not needed for complete info, and in fact could become inconsistent, but it will make it easier to use this data in queries. Since updates will be rarer than use we decided to include the End_DtTm explicitly.


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  • _dev_CCMDB - the process to import from wiki should run a consistency check on the start and end dates to ensure there is no overlap of same attribute
  • _dev_CFE - include this in the import of s_ tables at startup; there was a second s_ table to pull into CFE, emailed Julie for which one
  • added: 2022-02-10
  • action: 2022-02-10
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  • I added some sample data to this table. I will eventually add the pulling into CFE of this table to automation CFE, but if you want to test how this data would work in your queries for now, you can link it in manually and work with the sample data in there. Processes to get data in there and all that still to come. Ttenbergen 13:45, 2022 February 10 (CST)
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