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We track locations in many fields; they are drawn from either s_tmp table Boarding Loc entries or from s_dispo table. We are interested in some information about some of these locations, like their Level of care hierarchy / s_level_of_care table or how many beds they have.


  • _Dev_CFE linking of s_LocationData table
  • _Dev_CCMDB - process to import data from wiki (similar to Converting ICD10 between wiki and ccmdb.accdb)
  • set up wiki template for locations
  • consider data import for locations so no manual pre-populating of pages
  • S_level_of_care needs to be integrated with whatever metadata we set up
  • discussed at Task whether we should wait for Shared Health info, will make our own; Shared Health's data is no better than ours, so won't do that.
  • STB-L2HA is another page we will need to include when we deal with this.
  • added: 2022-02-09
  • action: 2022-02-09
  • Cargo

  • Categories


  • Discussed at JALT; we need to store this on a per page on wiki level, with multiple start and end dates being possible. Tina needs to create the structure for this and pre-populate. Probably discuss with Julie at the planning stage. Ttenbergen 12:04, 2022 June 22 (CDT)
    • It needs to be possible to access this as data. Ttenbergen 09:58, 2022 June 28 (CDT)
  • added: 2022-06-22
  • action: 2022-06-22
  • Cargo

  • Categories

Flexibility for values changing over time

The actual values for some of this information change over time, e.g. a ward may cease to be a HOBS, or an ICU may increase its bed number. If we simply included a column for the information, we would not be able to store different information over time. So we need to store this in a linked table instead, where there could be multiple lines with different dates per location. We could include start and end dates, but really including only start dates would be enough to encode this fully, since the start date of the next later location would automatically be the end date of the former. It would be easier to use lines with both start and end dates (no linking between lines required that way), but then there would be a risk of overlapping time periods.

Flexibility for what needs to be collected

There also might be information we have not even considered yet that we might need to track. So, we would want a flexible infrastructure. One way to do this would be something similar to the Entity–attribute–value model we use for the s_tmp table. See s_LocationData table for more info.

How and where to keep the master data

This data is useful to external users of our data to make sense of it.

We would become aware of changes to this data either when a collector stumbles across the change during their collection activities, or when management informs us, usually as part of requesting data.

We already collect data with a similar requirement: the ICD10 Categories. We could store this data the same way and make use of similar mechanisms to integrate it into our analyses. That is, the data is updated on wiki by whoever finds out that something has changed, and Tina then runs a process to extract an updated data table from the wiki to include in CCMDB.accdb.

Types of data to consider

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