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Active?: planned
Program: CC
Requestor: Dr. Rizwan Manji
Collection start: 2023-07-03
Collection end:

The EuroSCORE is a risk stratification system used by cardiac surgeons. See the EuroScore Website for more information.

Data Collection Instructions

Inclusion Criteria

  • We will collect this for all cardiac surgery admissions with an Admit DtTm > July 3, 2023 00:00 who [[are from the Operating Room] or [had ECMO from other service]] and [who are admitted to CICU] under the surgeon.
  • We will collect this for all Transcatheter aortic valve implantation coming from the Cath Lab and admitted to either ACCU or CICU.
  • We will collect this for any Thoracic procedures, provided the surgery is done by cardiac surgery, and the patient is admitted to the CICU under cardiac surgery service.
  • As per Dr Manji, only the first Euroscore II value should be collected. For patients that have subsequent surgeries during the same admission, record the first Euroscore II value, if it is available. If the initial surgery does not have a calculated Euroscore II value, but the second surgery does have a Euroscore II calculated value then use the second value.
  • There may be the rare ECMO patient that may be cardiac surgery but not under the surgeon ... if there is a question, the database nurses can email Dr Manji and he can help clarify.

To help identify these patients as "cardiac surgery" patients, the current list of cardiac surgeons are as follows:

  • Dr. Ghorpade,
  • Dr. Raabe
  • Dr. Luqman
  • Dr. Hong
  • Dr. Spooner
  • Dr. Fagan
  • Dr. Kandeel

Exceptions / Special cases / Exclusions

  • non-cardiac surgery patients who are overflows to CICU are excluded.
    • e.g. ACCU or ICMS patients borrowing bed and service at ICCS.

How to enter this

Use tmp fields:

  • Score portion:
    • Project: EuroSCORE II
    • Item:
      • enter EuroSCORE II if you are entering a score
      • enter "excluded" if the patient should be excluded but our cross check triggers for it
    • Column "J" (float): enter the EuroSCORE II value
    • Checkbox: Check off if no Euroscore is recorded on the patient's chart
    • Comment: If the Euroscore is not found in the OR report, please note this in the comment field
    • Not used: start_dt and start_tm, integer
  • Physician portion:
    • Project: EuroSCORE II Phy (EuroSCORE II Physician was too long for the field)
    • Item: pick the relevant physician from the dropdown
    • Not used: start_dt and start_tm, float, integer, comment

Background / Source of data

As per Dr. Manji: "The plan at present is that the surgeons will calculate the Euroscore II (there is an online calculator) and put the Euroscore II value in the operative report in the EPR. The plan is to start doing this as of Monday July 3/23."

Data evolution of this project

  • originally the physician name was not recorded, but we started recording it in the Q/comment field beginning Aug3, 2023
  • we may change to the proposed tweak above...

Data Integrity Checks (automatic list)

Query s tmp EuroSCORE II checksCCMDB.accdbimplemented

Data Use

The Euroscore is being used by the STB Cardiac Sciences QI team lead by Dr. Manji to assess the risk of cardiac patients in comparison with the APACHE Score.

SAS Program

The SAS program is saved in S:\MED\MED_CCMED\Julie\SAS_CFE\CFE_macros\


We used to collect a related project, see EuroScore.

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