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Data Collection

overflow with original physician service ownership

STB_ACCU patient in STB_CICU

  • July 7, 2016
  • ACCU - Cardiology Service Patients that are physically located in the STB_CICU but are looked after the Acute Cardiology Service physician will collected and entered into the database with a Site_location as: STB_ACCU
  • the Arrive DtTm for CICU pts is when the pt. actually enters the unit
    • Isn't that true everywhere? Emailed Steph to clarify. Ttenbergen 11:56, 2021 February 22 (CST)
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STB_ACCU patient in STB_MICU

  • July 7, 2016
  • Acute Care Cardiology Service (ACCU) Patients that are physically located in the STB MICU but are looked after by the Cardiology Service physician will be collected and entered into the database with a Site_location as: STB_ACCU.

overflow with physician service ownership assigned to another ICU


Patients who should have been in ACCU and under Cardiology Service but who are in other ICU under other ICU service physician.

Data linking

The Statistician who uses SAS programs to link continuous admissions, will update her SAS program so that an admission FROM Site_Loc, STB_MICU TO Site_Loc, STB_MICU, will not be flagged as an error. As of July 7, 2016, with the new change from CCU Service Tracking to ACCU borrow, the linking for continuous admission can now use the Site_Loc, STB_ACCU in either admission FROM or TO just like the other Site_loc and will not be flagged as an error.


Legacy only   

Legacy: Patients located on MISI

As of October 1, 2010 CCU collectors do not collect data on CCU (Cardiology) pts that are located in MICU or ICCS. Instead these pts are put as MICU or CICU location with cardiac type. The MICU or CICU collector is responsible for these patient profiles. If the pt care is transferred to the MICU attending, the profile will be restarted and it will be a medical type, instead of cardiac type. . Must remember to start a new tiss if the patient is transferred to the MICU physician's care. The first profile is logged out to MICU and the new profile is logged into MICU even though in both cases the location is MICU. This scenario happens rarely as usually Cardiology service looks after their patients while they are in MICU or CICU.

Legacy: cardiac info

  • prior to October 1, 2010: MSICU and ICCS had CCU patients as CCU overflows. They would often be located in one of these areas if they require intubation and /or IABP. However, they were still attended by the CCU doctors and the CCU data collector entered them as a CCU patient. They usually remained under CCU unless further multi system issues exist that the CCU attending wished to transfer the care to the ICU. In this case the patient is discharged from CCU and admitted to the ICU and the ICU data collector then would start a profile and continue to follow this patient. The respective TISS sheet followed the patient as they are moved between units if they continued to be a CCU pt.) The overflow was marked in the variable 5 slot.
    • This entire section is now legacy and Julie has changed this system to utilization of tmp section to designate Cardiology vs MICU coverage back to January 1, 2015. See CCU Service Tracking . Anything before that date will still have the old system of determining Cardiology service. --LKolesar 10:19, 2015 June 9 (CDT)

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