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Location STB ACCU
First Admission 2016-07-05
Program Critical Care
Hospital STB
Nr of Beds 9
Collection Unit Phone: 204-235-3843
Collection Unit Fax : 204-235-3848
Collection Unit Manager : Christina (Chris) Kuttnig, R.N.
Collection Unit Manager Phone : 237-2981
Collection Unit Clerk : (Name)




see STB ACCU Collection Guide for collection instructions specific to this ward

Physical location is 5AW

Location profile

ICU able to care for acutely ill patients, including those who require ventilation, intra-aortic balloon pumps, inotropic support, etc. The unit started with 4 beds 1 vent. If more than one vent, ICCM or CICU will support if needed until unit up and running and fully staffed. The unit is called "SBGH-CCUO" in EPR.

Cardiology patients

STB Cardiology service patients are collected differently than other patients, see STB Cardiac Care patients for details.

Change Dates

  • Prior to 2019 Feb: 6-8 beds
  • 2019 Feb: increase to 10 beds
  • 2022 April 25: new baseline of 9 beds (previously flexed to 9)


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