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TISS therapeutic variables: T9 to T16

T15 & T16 are mutually exclusive. Select only ONE item per day that will give you the most points.

  • T9 - ECG monitoring
  • T10 - Hourly Vital signs -Must include hourly BP (blood pressure) every hour for 6 consecutively hours in ICU to get points.--TOstryzniuk 16:42, 2 February 2009 (CST)
  • T11 - Peripheral arterial line
  • T12 - Pulmonary arterial line (Swan Ganz Catheter)
  • T13 - Measurement of CVP (any method)
  • T14 - Measurement of Cardiac Output
  • T15 - Temporary Pacemaker-Standby (includes external) - wires hooked up but pace not turned on.
  • T16 - Temporary Pacemaker-Active (includes external) - turned on but may not be pacing all the time.
    • The testing for "capture" not counted as active pacing.
    • Permanent pacer not included.
  • T18 - Cardioversion/Defibrillation - While in ICU only
  • T19 - IABP
  • NOTE: Community hospitals (Oaks, Grace, Concordia, Victoria). If a patient goes from your center to STB or HSC for an angiogram/plasty, has an IABP inserted in the angio department and is either admitted for HSC or STB ICU/CCU or goes directly to the OR from there, please do not put on your TISS item # 19 -IABP.Discharge to should be coded using the codes for HSC or STB for OR , CCU , SICU or MICU.


  • Hourly vital signs essentially means that a pt is not that stable and requires frequent vital signs. If a pt comes in at 2100 hrs for example, they may require hourly vitals but by the above definition will not get tiss points for hourly vitals simply because there are only 3 hours in that day on the first day of tiss.
  • For all the other items on the form, an intervention can be used only briefly in order to count it. Why is 6 hours of all vital signs needed for the hourly vital signs? A pt may be very unstable for only 2 hours requiring frequent vital signs and then go back to vital signs every 2 hours following this, then they do not get any tiss points for this either. Would like your feedback on this question.--LKolesar 13:11, 2012 February 21 (CST)