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TISS therapeutic variables: T50 to T55

  • T50 & T55 are mutually exclusive. Select only ONE item per day that will give you the most points.
  • T50 - Urinary - Foley catheter
  • T51 - Dipstick urine testing (S&K)
  • T52 - Peritoneal dialysis
  • T53 - Hemodialysis: Stable client
  • T54 - Hemodialysis: Unstable client
  • T55 - CVVHD/CRRT - added September 14, 1998 (does not include ultra filtration which is not the same workload.)
    • NOTE: for CVVHD and Dialysis: Using these items on the TISS does not automatically mean the pt has Acute or Chronic renal failure. These modalities can be used to remove fluid even in normal renal function pts and can be used to remove toxins like in the case of overdose or poisoning pts for example. --LKolesar 11:44, 14 July 2011 (CDT)