TISS76-Meds IVs

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TISS therapeutic variable T64 to T79

Go here for a list of all mutually exclusive TISS items.

  • T64 Peripheral venous catheter: 1 (not central lines)
  • T65 Peripheral venous catheter: 2 or more (not central lines)
  • T66 Pump Regulated infusions
    • Points given when a pump is FIRST initiated for a specific drug. Does include bag or syringe change of same substance.
  • T67 Vasoactive drug infusion: 1 drug
  • T68 Vasoactive drug infusion: 2 or more drugs
    • T67 & T68 (Dopamine, Dobutamine, Epinephrine, Phenelyphrine, Nitroglycerine, Nipride, Amrinone, Norepinephrine, Milrinone, Labetalol, Nitroprussde, Esmolol).
  • T69 Antiarrhythmic Infusion
    • (Lidocaine, Amiodarone, Ca channel block, Verapamil drip, Cardiazipine, MG).
  • T70 Intravenous Pitressin infusion
  • T71 Potassium infusion via central line
  • T72 Anticoagulation: acute (first 24 hours)
  • T73 Anticoagulation: chronic
    • T72 & T73 (TPA, STK or heparin infusion, ReApro,RHAPC, Anti Prot C)
    • Continuous IV. Infusion.
    • Heparin SubQ not included,coumadin p.o not included
  • T74 Acute Digitalization (first 48 hrs). Also see: TISS76-48 hour rule
  • T75 Parenteral Chemotherapy
  • T76 IV antibitics/antifungals: 1 or 2
  • T77 IV antibitics/antifungals: 3 or more
    • T76+T77 NOTE: Also assign point in T79 or if PRN. If given as a STAT, use slot T78 also.
  • T78 Unscheduled bolus IV meds (STATS, PRNS)
  • T79 Scheduled IV meds (including IV antibiotic doses)