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This article is a list of troubleshooting actions data collectors can take if they run into problems with their laptop and/or data collection program.

General problems

  1. If a program on your computer has crashed, see Breaking out of a frozen program
  2. If your problem is related to printing, keyboard/mouse not working, network or email access:
    • reboot the computer
    • if still a problem, contact the Helpdesk
  3. If you are missing shortcuts on your desktop, refresh your desktop shortcuts
  4. If the problem is an error or something weird on your screen, take a screenshot of the problem. Finish troubleshooting and then email the Laptop identifier (e.g. H9, S4 or G7), the Pat ID where this happened, and the screen shot to tech support. Also mentioned whether you managed to fix the problem and if so, how.
  5. If something doesn't show up on your screen and you are connected to your second monitor, make sure that monitor is powered on; if still nothing shows, disconnect from the docking station and check if things show up then.

CCMDB problems

  1. If the problem is leaving you with a frozen program, then try Breaking out of a frozen program and restart CCMDB.accdb to see if it was only a glitch
  2. If there is a problem in CCMDB.accdb (e.g. with dropdowns or how the program works), or if the program asks you if you want to save changes (you should never have to save changes in CCMDB.accdb), close out of the program and restart it.
  3. If there is still a problem, try Copying down a clean version of CCMDB.accdb.
  4. If there is a problem with patient data you have entered (e.g. diagnoses missing for patients, or the program produces an error as you scroll through the patient list), Compact-and-repair the data repository.
  5. If the problem is related to the data side of the local program (e.g. the error talks about a missing table or index or similar) then try CCMDB data.mdb restore from Regional Server. This would of course blow away any data you have entered since your last News and Backup so make sure you try the other steps above first.

See also: Cognos downtime procedure

If you can't fix it (downtime procedure)

If you can fix you laptop problem through the steps about, no tech shows up, don't spend more than 30-40 mins on it.

  • Do not leave the work premise without manager permission
  1. If there is another laptop because someone is not working that day, please work on that laptop
  2. Use the time to review Wiki articles and catch up on latest. Answer questions or clean up article that needs clearer instructions. See Questions for a list of questions.

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