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Indicator: Age
Created/Raw: not stated
Program: Critical Care and Medicine
Start Date: 1988-07-11
End Date:
Reports: Directors Quarterly Report (Medicine)

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    • "not stated" is not in the list (Created, Raw) of allowed values for the "IndicatorCreatedRaw" property.
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  • Default form:
Data Element (edit)
Field Name: age
CCMDB Label: not stated
CCMDB tab: not stated
Table: Created_Variables_Common table, Created_Variables_CC table
Data type: number
Program: Med and CC
Created/Raw: Created
Start Date: 1988-07-11
End Date: 2300-01-01
Sort Index: 3

The number of years between Date of Birth and the last birthday prior to or on (Accept DtTm if applicable, Arrive DtTm otherwise).

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Legacy implementation right in the table

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Age is part of the APACHE II score for Critical Care and ALERT Scale used in Medicine.

Function to calculate Age

  • Both formula yields the same AGE values.


  • CCMDB_Age = excel.WorksheetFunction.Floor(CInt(DateDiff("yyyy", DOB, Adm)) + Int(Format(Adm, "mmdd") < Format(DOB, "mmdd")), 1)


  • Age=floor((intck('month',Birth,R_Adm) - (day(R_Adm) < day(Birth))) / 12)
    • where Birth = Date of Birth and R_Adm = (Accept DtTm if available, Arrive DtTm otherwise)

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