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The L_CCI_Picklist subform in the ICD10 tab of the Patient Viewer in CCMDB.accdb is used (together with L_CCI_Component subform) to enter the CCI Picklist data for CCI Collection.

Form elements


  • button to sort alphabetically
  • button to sort by date


Duplicator (the "2x" button)

The 2x button will make a twin of the record on which it was clicked, with date = date+1. This is useful for repeat entries like debridements.

TISS buttons

see Change to collect TISS data in CCI Picklist

Any questions or suggestions about this form in CCMDB.accdb

eg. sorting, colouring, formatting, dropdowns, etc...

Please put questions into the specific articles e.g. Px_Date, or general questions into CCI Collection.

Data storage

See CCI Data Structure

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