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This page is about the procedures that are part of CCI Collection in the CCI Category "Cardiovascular Px".

See #Procedure list below for a list.

Procedure List


Other procedure in Cardiovascular Px:
 Has CCI Picklist CodeHas CCI 1 CodeHas CCI 2 Code
Angiogram, aortic (any part of aorta)3.ID.10.V^
Angiogram, artery NOS (except specifically coded)3.KV.10.VX
Angiogram, cerebral (including vertebral arteries)3.JM.10.V^
Angiogram, coronary (diagnostic cardiac catheterization)3.IP.10.V^
Angiogram, pulmonary artery (pulmonary arteriogram)3.IM.10.V^
Angiogram, vein3.KX.10.VC
Angioplasty, coronary (with stenting)1.IJ.50.GQ-OA
Angioplasty, coronary (without stenting)1.IJ.50.GQ-BD
Arterial catheterization, any location1.KV.53.HA-FT
BMT (Bone marrow transplant or transfusion)1.WY.19
CPR, cardiac resuscitation1.HZ.30r
CRRT (incl volume removal via PRISMA device)1.PZ.21.HQ-BS
CT of chest with PE protocol (CT angiogram of pulmonary vessels)3.JY.20
CVC placement, any location1.IS.53.^^-LF
Cardiac CT or Cardiac CT angiogram (with or without coronary arteries)3.IP.20
Cardiac MRI3.IP.40
Cardiac electrophysiology study2.HZ.24.GP-KM
Cardiac nuclear scan (e.g. MUGA)3.IP.70
Cardiac stress test (any kind)2.HZ.08
Cardioversion (EXCLUDE defibrillation-we are not tracking)1.HZ.09
Defibrillator, insertion1.HZ.53.GR-FS
ECHO (echocardiogram of heart)3.IP.30
ECMO, VV1.LZ.37.GP-QM.vv
IVIG (IV administration of immunoglobulin)8.ZZ.70
Pacemaker insertion, permanent1.HZ.53.GR-NK
Pacemaker insertion, temporary1.HZ.53.GR-NN
Right heart catheterization, in cardiac cath lab2.HZ.28.GP-PL
Swan-Ganz (Pulmonary Artery Flotation) Catheter placement2.IM.28
TIPS (transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt)1.KQ.76.GP-NR
Targeted Temperature Management (TTM)1.ZX.06
Transfusion of FFP1.LZ.19.HH-U2-J
Transfusion of PRBC1.LZ.19.HH-U1-J
Transfusion of albumin1.LZ.35.HH-C5
Transfusion of platelets1.LZ.19.HH-U4-J