Change from Service Location to Service, Boarding Loc and Transfer Ready DtTm tmp entry

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This page is about the change of the Service/Location to Boarding Loc and Service tmp entry. For the change in collection start time that happened around the same time, see Change to start collection at accept rather than arrive time.

This page contains info about the change of multiple Service/Location options per site for the medicine collectors to a single <site>_Med entry (GRA_Med, HSC_Med, STB_Med), with additional details being stored in Boarding Loc, Service tmp entry and Transfer Ready DtTm tmp entry.

The change

For reasons in #Background we are breaking down the Service/Location details into three separate entries instead; see those pages for details:

For any new records, enter the new, generic value for your site and program as Service/Location: GRA_Med, GRA_CC, HSC_Med, HSC_MICU, HSC_SICU, HSC_IICU, STB_Med, STB_MICU, STB_ACCU, STB_ICCS.

For any records you have already started, continue to use the same Service/Location you started with; if you run into trouble or inconsistencies with that, you can change it to the new generic Service/Location.

Pre-admit Inpatient Institution, Previous Location and Dispo entries will also use ..._Med / ..._CC now.

STB_CC#Decision to not combine collection of STB CC on one laptop

Implementation dates

See PatientFollow_Project#Transition_dates since they are the same, don't list details here.

Loose ends

Collection location documentation


PatientFollow Project and frequent changes due to COVID unit changes (specifically 2020-10 COVID unit collection) brought forward the limitations of our old Service/Location concept: it mixes multiple concepts of service and location, and has other curve balls like EMIP / 2020-10 EMIP changes / Parked in ER tmp entry . We needed a better way to encode this, but still needed an entry for the Service/Location field.

Prior state

Collectors would enter a Service/Location that combined the concept of which service takes care of a patient, and where they were physically located. Any physical moves would be entered as Boarding Loc, but be not very specific. A new record would be made if a patient moved to a new ward/service, with strange exceptions such as EMIP. There could be only one Transfer Ready DtTm per record (which would usually mean per unit stay).

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