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Active?: legacy
Program: CC and Med
Collection start: Oct 10, 2017
Collection end: 2020-10-16

This tmp entry was replaced by Parked in ER as part of Change from Service Location to Service, Boarding Loc and Transfer Ready DtTm tmp entry

collection instructions

for patient arriving at a ward/unit via parked in ER

Example: Patient in Thompson ER accepted by medicine prior to their arrival at HSC ER, previous service=medicine

Old discussion:

  • Lisa, you changed this from "the service at the sending facility". I think the new definition is inconsistent with what is said in Previous Service field which seems to say to enter "Not Applicable". Am I missing something? Ttenbergen 10:43, 2020 July 9 (CDT)
  • For a NON INPATIENT direct admit:
    • go to Tmp Project, Accept_Loc_Park
    • follow the instruction on how to enter the non inpatient location they were last sent from

for patient leaving a ward/unit via parked in ER

Into Dispo, enter the new ward that the patient will go to. The option ER (parked) will not be available.

Direct Admit Process-POWER POINT presentation

  • collection details and process change present by p:Julie Mojica at collection Collector meeting 2017_Nov_30.

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