Isolation, infectious

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CCI Picklist
Procedure: Isolation, infectious
CCI Picklist code: 7.SC.70.SA
CCI Collection Mode: CCI collect first
Start Date: 2018-04-25
Stop Date:

This procedure is a part of CCI Collection via CCI Picklist.

Additional Info

Code as Acquired Procedure


  • This is a procedure code for a patient who is on infection isolation precautions.
  • The person does NOT have to turn out to have the condition for which isolation is indicated.
    • Thus use it if a patient is put on isolation for TB, or COVID-19 even if they turn out NOT to have those infections.
    • Can also use it for somebody put on isolation prophylactically, as is the case with reverse isolation.
  • It includes any/all of the following kinds of isolation protocols:
    • gloves only
    • gloves and gown
    • mask
    • negative pressure room use
    • reverse isolation -- i.e. a person at risk for getting infection (e.g. neutropenic after chemotherapy for cancer) is isolated to try and avoid them being exposed
    • cohorting the patient with other patients with the same pathogen
    • use for those AGMP's that are continuous e.g. BIPAP, CPAP, Optiflow . As of May10,2023 only those patients designated as "orange", or "red" require isolation/PPE precautions. "green" patients have no special precautions. Do not use for one time AGMP's where there is no other indication for isolation. e.g intubation, bronchoscopy, CPR, nebulizer medications

In the context of Colonized with organism (not infected)

Do not use this code for isolation for Use of Cytotoxic Agents

  • This is NOT included because such isolation (e.g. keeping pregnant nurses from caring for patients getting certain teratogenic medications) is not isolating the patient.

Related Code

This code is similar to Patient is on isolation (TISS Item) but collected as a different CCI Collection Mode, so we decided to keep both.

Collecting "CCI collect first" items

Px Date for patients who move

See Px Date#Moves

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