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Active?: legacy
Program: Med
Requestor: unknown/legacy
Collection start: 2007-09-01
Collection end: 2011-06-03

Legacy Content

This page contains Legacy Content.

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In the Medicine program in each hospital in the Winnipeg Region, we track, by date, time and location, all individual medicine patients who are accepted and cared for by Medicine service physicians, in the emergency department and in "off service" beds within the facility for the period of time until they arrive onto to an available Med Service bed.

Purposes of collecting "Move" data:

  1. To assess the "time delay" from when a patient is first accepted to Medicine Service while in the site's own ER (emergency room) to when the patient actually arrives in a medicine ward bed of the same hospital. (This is done in conjunction with admit time).
  2. To assess how much time an in-service medicine patient spends on off service wards while still under a medicine service physician's care.

Move TO Record is Required

  1. for all patients who are admitted from your own site's emergency department.
  2. admitted to a contingency bed (EXCEPTIONS) if, prior to going to a contingency bed, patient was from site's own emergency department.
    • When a patient is "MOVED" from site's OWN emergency department (ER) the first "MOVE" is the "actual arrival date/time" to the medicine ward bed.
  3. Move TO date/time-for patients that "go to" to off-service ward beds but still under Medicine service therefore, followed as a continuous admission on your ward.

Contingency bed exceptions

    • HSC first move allowed can be to: H7N (contingency beds).
    • VIC first move allowed can be to: S2, N4, N4F (code purple contingency beds)
    • GRA first move allowed can be to: S2, W4, E4 (contingency beds)
    • STB first move can be - A6S

See Admit date and time#Definition for Medicine for how to collect the date/time used in the "admit date/time" field.

Where to Record Data

Where is data sent to

Move Record is NOT Required

If a patient is NOT from a site's own ER, or is NOT a direct admission that is parked in ER or is NOT using a contingency bed (exceptions) then do NOT record a "move".

Do NOT record a "move" for admission or transfers from:

  • any Medicine wards we are collection or not collecting on (except contigency beds).
  • between hospitals in the Region
  • operating rooms (OR), recovery rooms (RR)
  • transfer to other "non medicine physician services" (i.e. Surgical Service)
  • ambulatory care (HA, BA, GA, VA etc).
  • XE (ER outside city) or YE (ER outside province, country)
  • home (ZZ)
    • I have seen a few patients in the database, who have admit from ZZ, yet they have a moved date a few days after being accepted to medicine. Admit from should be HE not ZZ if there is a move. If I see this then it is being interpreted as a direct to medicine from home but parked in ER. Does this happen? Let me know. (as per note from Trish from Dec 10.07)
      • Well I know it's a long time since the above question was asked but occasionally a patient is to be direct to medicine from home but are parked in ER. How would you like this coded?
        • Yes Trish this has happened to me (just today a pt was a direct for neuro, pt phoned @ home told to come to the ER for admit and was parked in ER till bed availiable) So I coded ZZ parked in ER ? IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT--PStein 14:14, 7 April 2011 (CDT)

Start and stop date

  • Start Date: September 1, 2007
  • Stop Date: June 3, 2011 as Project Moves (continued as Project ERWait starting June 4, 2011)

Collection Guideline

Where to enter data

  • L_TmpV2, Temp. Studies tab on the laptop

Follow the Temporary study guidelines with the following information:

  • Moves project
  • For each patient move, enter the to ward as the item, and the date & time from the unit log or nurses note.

Legacy Data

  • Collection was started September 1, 2007
  • Collection of Moves data made tagging of “overflows” in variable slots Med Var 3 & Med Var 5 at the VIC redundant (Nov 1.07 stopped).

Reporting and Analysis

As per email from Julie from 11 Sept 09: Haven’t done any analysis on this, just the data checking which had stopped for sometime.

  • Statistician is currently working on a a request in regards to move data.--TOstryzniuk 16:20, 11 February 2011 (CST)
    • June 7, 2011-The various "moves" that medicine patient make will no longer be collected. We will only collect ER Wait times. Go to ER Wait article for details.TOstryzniuk 14:28, 13 June 2011 (CDT)

Data Structure

We capture medicine ward patient movements (moves) in L_TmpV2. The data is sent to and stored in TmpV2_1.mdb.

Data Integrity Checks (SMW)

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