Overstay Predictor Project

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Active?: active
Program: Med
Requestor: Mary Ann Lynch and Dr Eberhard Renner
Collection start: 2012-11-05
Collection end:

See Overstay Predictor Project Collection Instructions for collection instructions for this project.

A small number of patients overstays for a significant amount of time after they are medically ready for discharge. Though the number of patients is small, a significant proportion of bed-days is wasted in the process. The Overstay Predictor Project uses an algorithm to that uses data collected by the Critical Care and Medicine Database to predict an overstay risk. This risk is communicated to ward staff using a red sticker on charts and a direct communication to the unit manager.


see Implementation Dates

Data Integrity Checks (SMW)

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Query check overstay no colourCCMDB.mdbimplemented
Query check overstay pt from our medCCMDB.mdbimplemented
Query check minimal data set incompleteCCMDB.mdbimplemented
Query check tmp generate allowedCCMDB.mdbimplemented
Check overstay not enteredCCMDB.mdbimplemented

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