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Patient copier button in CCMDB.accdb

The patient copier button Patient Copy button.png on Patient List or Patient Viewer Tab Cognos ADT2 creates a new profile for the same patient. It asks for the new serial number and then copies the following info:


  • please do a quick cross check to the EPR or paper chart when you copy to make sure we don't copy bad data; automating this will make some of the cross checks Pagasa runs less able to catch problems, so please take the extra seconds to make sure the things you are about to copy are right
  • do not start hording discharged and sent patients to use it or you will be breaking PHIA since we are only allowed to keep a working dataset on our laptops

Copying Comorbids from one profile to an existing profile

We can actually copy and paste Comorbid Diagnoses from one profile to an existing profile.

  1. Highlight the comorbid diagnoses you want to copy by clicking the box on the left of the first comorbid diagnosis (beside the small box where we check the primary diagnosis) and dragging it down to the last diagnosis you want to copy.
  2. Once all the Comorbids are highlighted, Copy them by pressing the Ctrl button and C on the keyboard at the same time (Ctrl+C)
  3. Close the profile where you copied the diagnoses.
  4. Go to the existing profile where you want to enter the copied diagnoses. (Please double check that you have the right patient profile)
  5. Click on the triangle in the box on the left of the bottom / last diagnosis line where you want the diagnoses entered.
  6. Paste the copied diagnoses by pressing the Ctrl button and V on the keyboard at the same time (Ctrl+V)

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