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Legacy Content

This page contains Legacy Content.
  • Explanation: Change to collect TISS data in CCI Picklist
  • Successor: TISS28 Collection Guide

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This pages explains how TISS28 is coded on File:TISS28 Form.pdfs by local nursing staff / data collectors. See TISS Item List for the list of things that are collected.

We are changing this process, please see Change to collect TISS data in CCI Picklist. We will update this page once the new process is clear and the old one no longer applicable.

Collection instructions

  • every TISS page should have the numeric part of your Laptop identifier entered on the Page field at the top of the form
  • see TISS Item List for the list of collected items, with links to specific instructions for each item
  • Items 1 to 45 (except 11 & 39) - mark if the activity occurred any time during that calendar date
  • Items 11 & 39 - mark if activity occurred with in last 24 hrs
  • Answer each item separately; don't worry about apparent conflicts or overlaps between items
  • A calendar day starts at 0001 hrs and ends at 2400 hrs
  • If a patient is in the ICU a very short time, a TISS score is required to reflect nursing efforts during this time.
  • Do not sent TISS form to the ward with the chart. Please hand it in to the Unit Clerk who will file it in the Research Forms binder at the front desk.
  • Once a page of TISS is completed, hand in the completed form to the Unit Clerk and start a new form. Please do not staple together. The scanning of the forms are affected if stapled.
  • TISS is to be done for a patients entire length of stay in ICU.
  • If a patient is transferred to another ICU, do not sent the form to the other unit or hospital. A new form is started when patient admitted to your ICU.
  • If a patient is transferred to another ICU in your center and the Service looking after the patient changes, then a new TISS form is required. E.G., a patient who goes from MICU under Medical Service and is transferred to SICU under Surgical service.

Who fills out the TISS

  • All shift - bedside nurses.

TISS Quality Control

Data Collector

  • Data collectors will still be required to do quality control" of all TISS forms up to September 30, 2020 for all patient in units
  • October 1, 2020 - data collector will only have to QI check TISS items that have the squares around the item number. This will be for ALL patient in unit on October 1, 2020. New forms you will see: File:TISS28 Form.pdf

Data Processor

The data processor runs internal consistency checks on the TISS data and will flag patients whose TISS information is inconsistent with their collected information. See TISS28 Form Scanning.

Staff to include in education

See Bedside nurse education for TISS28

  • Done by: Nurse Educator at each ICU site in Region.

When: Week of Dec 17.2012 onward. to include:

  • current staff. Perm, PT & causal, nursing and unit clerks.
  • New staff hired (should be part of orientation)
  • ICU program - include in curriculum

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