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The Activities of Daily Living (ADL) assesses a patient's capability to perform a certain daily self-care activities.

Collection Instructions

For every Medicine profile, enter the status into the ADL dropdown boxes in the Patient Viewer Tab ADL in CCMDB.accdb.


The ADL assessment (done by allied health or nurses) we utilize is the patient's state of activity on admission (not at home prior to admission). It takes into consideration acute medical issues that resulted in admission to the hospital.

When possible, use an ADL assessment done within 24 hours after the Admit DtTm.

Directed Restrictions

Directed restrictions on a patient's activities should not be assessed as requiring assistance. For example, if a pt is on bed rest restrictions, it does not mean that they are unable physically to get out of bed. If the patient would be able to perform the activity if allowed then they are to be assessed accordingly.

Where to get data

Data to evaluate ADL can be obtained from the following sources:

  • OT/PT initial assessment
  • Nursing activity flow sheets (if used)
  • Nursing database or primary care patient record
  • Integrated progress notes
  • Risk assessment for falls form (if used)

Specific Activities collected

See the following for specific coding instructions for the different activities.

Data Use


The evaluation tool used for all Medicine patients is the Katz ADL.

  • S Katz et al. Studies of illness in the aged: the index of ADL. American Medical Association, 1963.
  • S Katz, SD Downs, HR Cash, RC Grotz. Index of daily living. The Gerontologist 1:20-301.

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