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Data Element (edit)
Field Name: Arrive_DtTm
CCMDB Label: Arrive DtTm
CCMDB tab: Dispo
Table: L Log table
Data type: date
Length: not stated
Program: Med and CC
Created/Raw: Raw
Start Date: 2016-07-01
End Date: 2300-01-01
Sort Index: 45

Date and time when the patient physically arrived on unit ( Service Location) OR in a Boarding location.

Collection Instruction

For each patient enter the date and time when the patient physically arrived on the unit ( Service Location) or in a Boarding location.

Consider the Boarding Loc instructions when you enter decide what this field needs to be.

sources for Arrive DtTm


Accept DtTm > Arrive DtTm

If the Accept DtTm > Arrive DtTm, make accept = arrive.

pt never arrives on your unit

Minimal Data Set

This entry is part of the Minimal Data Set. Special collection instructions apply, see that page for more info.

Data Integrity Checks

Data Integrity Checks (SMW)

Query s tmp Boarding Loc date itemCCMDB.accdbimplemented
Function Dispo Chronological()CCMDB.accdbimplemented
Query check minimal data set incompleteCCMDB.accdbimplemented
Check duplicate patientCCMDB.accdbimplemented
Check CCI CXR vs LOSCCMDB.accdbneeds review
Check if awaiting code is primary dx then Transfer Ready DtTm must be equal to Arrive DtTmCCMDB.accdbneeds review
Function long LOS()CCMDB.accdbneeds review
Query TISS Errors NrTISSDays NE LOSCCMDB.accdbneeds review
Query check ER Delay not too bigCCMDB.accdbneeds review
Check Function Panelling admit transfer sameCCMDB.accdbretired
Link suspect negative transit time queryCentralized data front end.accdbimplemented
Link suspect transfer ready before arrive dateCentralized data front end.accdbimplemented
Query NDC CLI unacceptable dateCentralized data front end.accdbretired
Query NDC VAP unacceptable dateCentralized data front end.accdbretired
Query TISS Errors missing daysTISS28.accdbneeds review
Query TISS Errors TISS date out of admissionTISS28.accdbretired


Click to see legacy info   
  • For Medicine this concept is related to old ER Wait date an time.
  • From June 1, 2011 to June 30, 2016, the Arrive_DtTm in Medicine was in the Tmp project ER Wait and was migrated into the Arrive_DtTm field.
  • For ICU this concept is related to the old Admit date and time. Resp L_Log.R_AdmDate and L_Log.R_AdmTime.

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