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Data Element (edit)
Field Name: Arrive_DtTm
CCMDB Label: Arrive DtTm
CCMDB tab: not stated
Table: L_Log table
Data type: date
Length: not stated
Program: Med and CC
Created/Raw: Raw
Start Date: 2016-07-01
End Date: 2300-01-01
Sort Index: 45

Date and time when the patient physically arrived on unit.

As in, arrived at (Service/Location field).

Collection Instruction

For each patient enter the date and time when the patient physically arrived on the ward. For off ward patients,

  • if the patient does arrive on your unit, then the Arrive DtTm will be the physical arrival on the unit, while the Accept DtTm will be when the service accepted care of the patient

sources for Arrive DtTm


To find the arrive date & time when using electronic patient record (epr):

  • clicking on Registration (on top left bar)
  • then Visit Location, then Location History
  • A new Location History window will pop up that will tell you the date & time that the patient arrived at a particular location.

First set of vital signs

The first set of vital signs can be used as ArriveDtTm if data in EPR is not good.

Accept DtTm > Arrive DtTm

If the Accept DtTm > Arrive DtTm, make accept = arrive.

pt never arrives on your unit

Data Use

Many things, need to pull them together Ttenbergen 12:59, 2016 March 21 (CDT)

Minimal Data Set

This entry is part of the Minimal Data Set. Special collection instructions apply, see that page for more info.

Data Integrity Checks

Data Integrity Checks (SMW)

Check Function Panelling admit transfer sameCCMDB.mdbimplemented
Query check ER Delay not too bigCCMDB.mdbimplemented
Check if awaiting code is primary dx then Transfer Ready DtTm must be equal to Arrive DtTmCCMDB.mdbimplemented
Function Dispo Chronological()CCMDB.mdbimplemented
Function long LOS()CCMDB.mdbimplemented
Query check ICD10 dateCCMDB.mdbimplemented
Query check minimal data set incompleteCCMDB.mdbimplemented
Query check CCI DateCCMDB.mdbimplemented
CXR count cross checkCCMDB.mdbneeds review
Link suspect negative transit time queryCentralized data front end.accdbimplemented
Query TISS Errors NrTISSDays NE LOSCentralized data front end.accdbimplemented
NDC CLI unacceptable dateCentralized data front end.accdbneeds review
NDC VAP unacceptable dateCentralized data front end.accdbneeds review


For Medicine this concept is related to old ER Wait date an time.

For ICU this concept is related to the old Admit date and time. Resp L_Log.R_AdmDate and L_Log.R_AdmTime.

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