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Data Element (edit)
Field Name: Service_Location
CCMDB Label: Service Location
CCMDB tab: Dispo
Table: L_Log table
Data type: number
Length: long integer
Program: Med and CC
Created/Raw: Raw
Start Date: 2016-07-01
End Date: 2300-01-01
Sort Index: 40

Collection location a patient is admitted to.

Collection Instruction

Enter the physical location of the patient.

If you know the location exactly, you can type it. otherwise use the "?" button. The dropdown is limited to locations where a laptop collects.

Only service locations allowed to be collected on this laptop based on its Settings (CCMBD.mdb) will be listed.

Patients in bed borrow locations on other wards or units are coded as the home unit. Collectors can use "record" field for tracking actual location.

Minimal Data Set

This entry is part of the Minimal Data Set. Special collection instructions apply, see that page for more info.

Adding a new service/location entry

Data Use / Purpose

See Site and Location table for possible entries.

Use to determine the location or services the patient went during a hospital stay.

Use to categorize/stratify the distribution of patients across hospitals and wards/units when reporting summary statistics.

Integrity checks

Data Integrity Checks (SMW)

Query s tmp ABO TEE checksCCMDB.accdbimplemented
Query check minimal data set incompleteCCMDB.accdbimplemented
Query send check centralized is ownerCCMDB.accdbimplemented
Check function location NE dispoCCMDB.accdbimplemented
Check function previous NE LocationCCMDB.accdbimplemented
Check function preAdmit NE LocationCCMDB.accdbimplemented
Query check ER Delay not too bigCCMDB.accdbimplemented
PL SameCHART Site Diff PHINCentralized data front end.accdbimplemented
PL SamePHIN Site Diff chartCentralized data front end.accdbimplemented
PL 1orphansCentralized data front end.accdbimplemented
Link suspect mismatch pre inpt ours incomplete queryCentralized data front end.accdbimplemented


The field is populated with options from the s_dispo table.

Retiring an available Service/Location field entry

Sometimes a ward may close or change names, or we may stop collecting somewhere. In that case, an entry for Service/Location needs to be made unavailable by editing the s_locations_allowed_collection table.

If a location is no longer available on a laptop records with that location can't be set to "complete". So, if we transition from one location to a new one, we need to get collectors to change the locations for all existing records to the new one, and change the number to using the new number series. Another option might be to keep old location available, at risk of manual mistakes and continuing to use the old location, and of location-numberPool mix-ups. Either way, needs to be planned.


This field is part of the 2016 Time and Place changes and corresponds to to the old Location field, resp L_Log.R_Location.

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