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The Critical Care and Medicine Database collects the following ADT (Admit Discharge Transfer) information:

Accept DtTm fieldFirst Service tmp entry DtTm for pts from the ER department onlydatenot entered
Accept DtTm missing fieldcheckbox is checked/true when no Accept DtTm is documented for a patient who came from from the ER.booleannot entered
Arrive DtTm fieldDate and time when the patient physically arrived on unit ( Service Location) OR in a Boarding location.datenot entered
Dispo DtTm fieldDate and time when the patient changed status from what is documented in Service/Location field to Dispo field..datenot entered
Dispo fieldThe Dispo field contains information about what happens to the patient at the end of their admission.numberlong
ER DelayThe ER Delay is the difference between the Accept DtTm and Arrive_DtTm for patients arriving from the ER.daten/a
Pre acute living situation fieldInfo about the living situation of the patient prior to the current hospitalization.numberlong integer
Pre-admit Inpatient Institution fieldThe most recent previous inpatient location of patients who were already inpatients elsewhere and who have been under medical care continuously before coming to our unit.numberlong integer
Previous Location fieldThe most recent previous physical location (except #Bed Borrows) of a patient before arriving at the collection location.numberlong integer
Previous Service fieldThe most recent "originating service" which sends the patients to their current service location.numberlong integer
TR info status fieldCross-check field that will contain data if Transfer_Ready_DtTm field is emptystring19
Transfer DelayTransfer Delay is the difference between Dispo_DtTm and Transfer_Ready_DtTm in decimal days. Other terms use to call it are Beds Occupied by transferable patients, Wasted Beds, Avoidable Days.numbersingle
Transfer Ready DtTm fieldDate and time the intent to discharge a patient to a lower level in the Level of care hierarchy was documented.datenot entered
Visit Admit DtTm fieldThe Visit Admit DtTm field is the start of the current inpatient admission.datenot entered

See Category:Admit/Discharge for related concepts.

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