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The Minimal Data Set is the least amount of data that needs to be collected for a new patient when they are first added to the database. This data is sent every shift worked for all patients, not just those you are sending. This data needs to be entered for all newly admitted patients during every data collection shift. With the exception of special requests from the main office, it is more important to collect this data than to complete collection for existing patients, especially for incomplete files.

If you try to send with any of the Minimal Data Set Elements incomplete for any patient (even ones you are not sending), the CCMDB.accdb will give an "incomplete minimal data set" error and list the patient, and you will not be able to send any patients.

Minimal Data Set Elements-Primary

For all new patients at every shift enter the following from EPR:



  • With the recent change to initially collect the date and time for service and boarding loc as in cognos initially, and to only change it after pt leaves location, the cross checks that require these to be the same were misfiring. So I moved them to being done only on completion. That change will make the data less useful in the interim. What should we do? Ttenbergen 09:16, 2022 May 26 (CDT)
    • In my opinion the above change could potentially create a lot of confusion for new collectors around processes, may make orientation challenging, and results in additional "head work" to require later reconciliation of service/location start dates/times for all collectors. A question is: Do services/locations eventually drop off the Cognos ADT2 tab for longer stay patients? If so, this would result in even more work for collectors to reconcile service/location start date/times deferred to when the patient is discharged. To always enter known correct data whenever possible is the most logical, easiest, and most consistent approach. The data is of more immediate value to main office staff. Pamela Piche 09:58, 2022 May 26 (CDT)
  • is is possible to add previous location and postal codes as part of minimal data set. Its addition will expand the use of data for incompletes and answer the question where the patients are coming from which is commonly requested. --JMojica 13:57, 2022 June 24 (CDT)
  • follow up question - are the data in the minimal data set reliable for reporting? --JMojica 13:57, 2022 June 24 (CDT)
    • Both service and location start date/times will be initially incorrect for patients transferring to medicine units from ICUs or other non collection units ie. surgical or family medicine as collectors are to enter what is listed in cognos for the service start date/time in these instances and pair the location start date/time. Service start date/time can precede, be the same or follow the actual boarding location (transfer) start date/time. It is not until profile completion that correction(s) are made.
    • At STB for medicine program, it is often not known whether patients are direct admits via ER until the profile is reviewed during completion. Pamela Piche 14:33, 2022 June 24 (CDT)
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Reason why data is required for patients that are not complete yet

Data in the minimal data set is sent for all patients as soon as available, even before the patient's RecordStatus field is set to "complete". This allows us to include counts of longer-stay patients who have not yet been discharged in our statistics and reporting.

Data from patients who are not yet complete is used for the following:

  • to generate occupancy statistics
  • to monitor the number of outstanding patients

Cross Checks

Data Integrity Checks (automatic list)

Query check minimal data set incompleteCCMDB.accdbimplemented

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