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L_Como is the data structure where patients' comorbids are stored. It is linked to L_Log table by D_ID.


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Instances of L_Como

There are several instances of L_Como

Contents of L_Como

The L_Como is populated with comorbids from the sub-section of the s_AllDiagnoses table table that is allowed as a comorbid. These comorbids contain all comorbids in the Charlson Comorbidity Index and more. Like the diagnoses in L_Dxs table and s_AllDiagnoses table they are divided into main- and sub-diagnoses.

L_Como contains a field "priority" which used to be used for ranking of the comorbids to decide which will be sent. The ranking is now done automatically based on the highest Charlson score, so the priority field is no longer used.

L_Como Table in the CCMDB.accdb

L_Como in the CCMDB.accdb Access program contains the fields

Como_ID unique id for relationships and indexes
Pat_ID unique patient identifier
ComorbidCode as chosen from s_charlsoncomorbids

main- and sub-comorbids get pulled for display from s_charsloncomorbids

Priority legacy field, used to be used to sort comorbids to limit to 6
rank legacy field, used to be used to rank comorbids to limit to 6

Data Structure

To see the data structure of this table, see most up-to-date ccmdb_data.mdb in Regional Server\data\Master CCMDB.accdb.