ETT Present (TISS Item)

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This procedure is a part of CCI Collection via CCI Picklist.

Item Description ETT Present (TISS Item)
TISS28 Category: Respiratory Support
TISS28 Item 22
TISS28 Description ETT present
TISS28 Points 1
TISS28 Start Date
TISS28 End Date
TISS28 Comment: Row 22-23: If both are marked, point=1 only
CCI Picklist
CCI Picklist code:
CCI Collection Mode: CCI collect each day
CCI Picklist Start Date Needs to be either CCI TISS Start, or later if TISS start date is later (which it should never be?)

Collecting "CCI collect each day" items

  • "CCI collect each day" items are entered each time they happen
  • Px Date
  • Px Count
    • enter 1 regardless of how many times a day the procedure happened
  • this is usually the collection mode for TISS28 items, see TISS28 Collection Guide, and for some items that have replaced TISS items

Px Date for patients who move

See Px Date#Moves


SMW: add to Category:CCI wiki infrastructure

see also T - Tracheostomy tube at 2300hrs (TISS Item)

Data Integrity Checks (automatic list)

Query check CCI TISS spont breath no tubeCCMDB.accdbdeclined
Query check CCI TISS time means must be twoCCMDB.accdbdeclined
Query check CCI TISS Vented without mechanismCCMDB.accdbimplemented
Query check CCI TISS Intubation vs IntubatedCCMDB.accdbimplemented

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