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Active?: legacy
Program: CC
Requestor: Critical Care QI Team
Collection start: 2009-08-22
Collection end: 2018-12-31

STOPPED entering in TMP for any new admissions 2019-Jan-01. Entered in ICD10 with a date.

Legacy Content

This page contains Legacy Content.
  • Explanation: was replaced by VAP as part of move to ICD10
  • Successor: VAP

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Legacy project as of Dec 31.18 and changes as follows:

 *Anyone who has this problem and is discharged PRIOR to Jan 1.19,  code in TMP
 *Anyone who has this problem and is discharged AFTER Dec 31.18, code using ICD10 with a date

The Critical Care QI Team is monitoring VAPs in the ICUs. This project was in collaboration with Critical Care Vital Signs Monitoring.


will we still need to collect this in ICD10, since I think all the data now lives in the dx codes as well. I am holding off on implementing Query s tmp QAInf tmp no dx until resolved.

 same reply as in QA CLI. --JMojica 12:04, 2018 December 27 (CST)
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Data Collection Instructions

For all ICU patients except STB_CICU & STB_ACCU:

If a patient
  • Project: QAInf
  • Item: VAP
  • date_var: date (no time) Use the same identifying date for onset of VAP as indicated in the VAP code.

For ICU patients in STB_CICU and STB_ACCU

  • When you have a VAP, enter DX and in TMP, and email the local manager,CICU educator- Belinda Landry pharmacist- Rob Ariano and Effi Shams who is the Quality Officer for Cardiac Sciences.

Don't use TMP as notes

Please do not enter this TMP until you have actually confirmed a DX of VAP exists. Use the Notes field on you laptop as a reminder if needed.

Data Use

Ventilator Associated Pneumonia Rate

Cross checks

See QA Infection

Data Integrity Checks (automatic list)

Query s tmp apostrophe in commentCCMDB.accdbimplemented
Query s tmp QAInf basicCCMDB.accdbretired
Query s tmp QAInf dx no tmpCCMDB.accdbretired
Query s tmp QAInf tmp no dxCCMDB.accdbretired
Query s tmp QAInf LT 48 hrs after admitCCMDB.accdbretired
Query NDC VAP unacceptable dateCentralized data front end.accdbretired
Query NDC VAP AcqDX but NoVAP DateinTMPV2Centralized data front end.accdbretired
Query NDC VAP No AcqDX but VAP DateinTMPV2Centralized data front end.accdbretired

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