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Location HSC SICU
First Admission 11 July 1988
Program Critical Care
Hospital HSC
Nr of Beds 12
Main Collector #Workload splitting
Service Type ICU
Service Type Legacy: No
Location with workload split: Yes

see Site_and_Location_table for other locations

Location profile

Surgical Intensive Care Unit


  • Unit local 787-3396, fax 787-3525
  • Unit Manager is Ken Borce - local 787-7733, pager 6252
  • Unit Clerk is:
who is unit clerk? 
  • SMW

  • Cargo

  • Categories

Workload splitting

This ward/unit uses HSC ICU locations and serial number sharing/workload splitting locations as follows:

  • HSC_SICa started: 2015-May-01
  • HSC_SICb started: 2015-Aug-05
  • HSC_SICd started: 2015-May-22