Drainage, Evacuation

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CCI component 2 codes - what was done
Procedure: Drainage, Evacuation
CCI 2 code: 52
CCI Collection Mode: CCI collect each

This procedure is a part of CCI Collection. This is one of the CCI component 2 codes - what was done.

Additional Info

  • Refers to efforts to drain or evacuate either abnormal fluid, clot, pus, etc. and eliminates the fluid from the body
    • forming a colostomy is not drainage because stool is not an abnormal fluid, code as Bypass)
  • The method of drainage can be anything: open surgical, percutaneous, etc.
  • Includes the following:
    • Pericardiocentesis and/or creation of a pericardial window
    • Abscess drainage -- or incision & drainage (I&D)
    • Drainage of a collection of blood or evacuation of a blood clot (e.g. in the head) --- but it does NOT include endarterectomy or thrombectomy -- see Extraction
    • Drainage of fluid -- e.g. from a joint
    • Paracentesis when done for therapeutic reasons (use Paracentesis (diagnostic) for diagnostic ones)
      • we are aware that this will not distinguish surgical from nonsurgical drainage procedures; this is one of the consequences of NOT including the next layer to CCI coding (i.e. "how" the thing was done)

See also Bypass for some similar things.

Collecting "CCI collect each" items

  • "CCI collect each" items are entered each time they happen
  • If they happen more than once on a day, enter the number of times as Px Count for that day, otherwise enter a Px Count of 1== Alternate CCIs to consider coding instead or in addition ==
  • CCI component 2 codes - what was done

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