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The L_CCI_Picklist  table in CCMDB.accdb contains the CCI Picklist data collected as per CCI Collection. It's the counterpart of the L CCI Component table.

Data Structure

field type description
L_CCI_ID Long Integer(AutoNumber) unique ID
Patient_ID/D_ID text link to L_Log table
CCI_Picklist_Code text(20) code and link to s_CCI_Picklist table
Px_Date Date/Time Px_Date
Px_Date_missing yes/no originally intended for cross check if no Px_Date and Px_Type = acquired; not currently used or accessible in CCMDB.accdb front end
Px_Type text(8) Acquired, Admit, Comorbid
Px_Count number (integer) number of times procedure was performed on a given day

How it works

To understand all CCI Procedures for a patient, consider L_CCI_Component table and L_CCI_Picklist table together, eg. by using the query L_CCI_Combined.

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