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"Pulling" Centralized data.mdb +Is name and icon still right?  +
(D) Intervertebral Disc +is this bone/joint or soft tissue. see similar question about cartilage in one of these other procedures, search wiki for cartilate.  +
24 Hour Intensivist Presence: A Pilot Study of Effects on ICU Patients, Families, Doctors and Nurses +how did we support this publication?  +
A survival benefit of combination antibiotic therapy for serious infections associated with sepsis and septic shock is contingent only on the risk of death: a meta-analytic/meta-regression study +how did we support this publication?  +
ADL General Collection Information +What else in addition to [[ALERT Scale Calculation]] uses this?  +
ALERT Scale +need tie-it-together page.  +
APACHE Acute Diagnoses +[[Diabetes_mellitus_chronic_complication:_Musculoskeletal]] is selected by the line * ns_Z1 Renal/Metabolic NOS NOT admitted to ICU postoperatively AND Any admit diagnosis is N00.^-N39.^, E00.^-E90.^ In your excel sheet. It is a chronic code sort of by definition, so hopefully no one would code it as an admit, but for now they ''could''. And if they did, it would give them APACHE Dx (not como) points. Is that really as intended? I suppose even as a chronic code it is a marker for the presence of diabetes, so it wouldn’t necessarily be wrong, but it seems odd, so flagging it.  +, need here some general info what these are, links to wiki articles they are actually related to under old coding scheme, etc. I need help with this because I don't know if any of this is on the wiki, or else what it is about. Ttenbergen 17:20, 2018 February 23 (CST)  +, Dx grouping There would be no way to exclude post-first-48hr Acquireds from the calculation. Do we care? Or should this only be Admits?  +
APACHE Comorbid Diagnoses +Dx grouping * either need details or need to revise this when we re-group dxs; meeting booked with Julie and Allan 2019-01-20 Ttenbergen 15:42, 2019 January 3 (CST)  +
APACHE Comorbidities in ICD10 codes + * Need to update from Allan's email 2018-11-26, but he said he would need to review this in light of the changes that had been made to ICD10 and CCI since he and Julie discussed. Ttenbergen 00:36, 2018 November 27 (CST)   +, * There was a comment on [[Chronic Health APACHE]] about extracting the APACHE Comos from comorbid diagnoses instead using the ranges Allan provided. Provided this list is updated to the newest ranges Allan has provided, do you see a problem with using this approach instead and stopping collection of the [[Chronic Health APACHE]] field going forward?   +
AaDO2 +I wonder if "null" is actually intended here, or if it was supposed to be 0. Ttenbergen 14:44, 2017 January 8 (CST) *AaDO2 is null if there is no data for FIO2, PaO2 and PaCO2. However, no data was set to zero value instead of null. In addition, AaDO2 and the corresponding score are required only when FIO2 >= 50%, otherwise should be treated as null. (Similarly with PO2 score, it is required when FIO2 < 50% and otherwise should be treated as null. When FIO2 =0, both AaDO2 and its score and PO2 score should be null.) Are we setting null to zero to facilitate the programming calculation? Is it possible to differentiate null from valid zero in both L_LOG and created_variables_CC - will the work be big? In L_LOG, these are the FIO2, CO2, PO2 and SerCO2. 14:49, 2017 March 16 (CDT)  +
Acute Kidney Injury in Critically Ill Patients Infected With 2009 Pandemic Influenza A (H1N1): Report From a Canadian Province +how did we support this publication?  +
Acute kidney injury in septic shock: clinical outcomes and impact of duration of hypotension prior to initiation of antimicrobial therapy +how did we support this publication?  +
Admit Diagnosis +Charlson Admit Como - this is part of that discussion - if we limit which admits will count as comos we need to review  +
Allan's links +need to update this to list templates  +
An institutional review of fulminant hepatic failure in an urban Canadian centre +how did we support this publication?  +
ApLab Complete +ICD/CCI remove once old pt gone  +, This is a legacy field we could probably get rid of. Not sure when we stopped using it.  +
Apache Value Reconciliation +got lost  +
Automatic updating of MS Access Databases using scheduled tasks +I ''think'' [[PHI copy automation]] uses this. It might accomplish this in a different way...  +
Awaiting/delayed transfer to other care facility NOS + * We probably don't need this code from a data use perspective (as confirmed by AG 2018-11-30) but we might need it for cross checks like [[Query check ICD10 needs awaiting if TR Dt and Dispo Dt on diff days]] or similar; will keep this code until we have worked out if those checks will be possible.   +
Bacteremia + * what do you mean by free-standing? Do you mean not to use [[Combined ICD10 codes]]? Bacteremia is in [[:Category:Infection requiring pathogen]], so it has to be coded with a pathogen. Do you mean it should be coded with [[Infectious organism, unknown]] or similar? Ttenbergen 13:36, 2019 February 1 (CST);   +, *Just to clarify: when a patient has septic shock and we put in the pathogen from a positive blood culture, do we also have to code bacteremia? OR is this code only for positive blood cultures where the source is not known?--[[User:LKolesar|LKolesar]] 14:20, 2019 February 12 (CST)   +
Base Population for Research +This page is linked from the front page, so we should either make it good or get rid of that. Is there anything on [[Publications]] that would be a good example for how our DB was used for this?  +
Bed Census Data Processing Instructions + *is this the current process, or is [[Bed_census.mdb]]? I think the process is better off here than in the .mdb article.   +, * probably incomplete... Ttenbergen 18:17, 2016 April 14 (CDT) emailed Trish/PAgasa Ttenbergen 16:46, 2018 October 30 (CDT)   +
Bed holds +Julie seems to set the limit at 1 day - emailed Julie Ttenbergen 10:07, 2016 November 10 (CST)  +, duplication on wiki needs to be cleaned up once we are on same page  +, Laura and Tina discussed this and there clearly are different understandings about this. Need to review. [[User:LKolesar|LKolesar]] 14:43, 2017 March 1 (CST)  +
Bentall Procedure +Are these right? Or only the stenosis or insufficiency?  +
Biographic changes over time +Right now we do not track anywhere that Betty became John. Our data would make it look like the person had always been John and female. So, when we cross-check data, these people get flagged. Should we change how we collect them? Should we change how we alias them? Or should this info only live in the L_Problem table?  +