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CCI component 2 codes - what was done
Procedure: Debridement
CCI 2 code: 87d
CCI Collection Mode: CCI collect first

This procedure is a part of CCI Collection. This is one of the CCI component 2 codes - what was done.

Additional Info

This code should be used for debridements. In the case of debridements only (bedside or in the OR), this code should be coded as a "CCI collect first":
This pertains to cases where the patient has multiple burns, wounds or a big burn (includes decubitus ulcers). If however, a patient has multiple wounds to multiple organs or areas that require debridement, code each debridement of a different area or organ, as "CCI collect first".


  • arthrolysis joint procedures
  • exostectomy, also known as bunionectomy, or surgical removal (debridement) of bony prominence or outgrowth
  • ethmoidectomy: removes infected tissue and bone in the ethmoid sinuses that blocks natural drainage
  • for burns combine this code with the appropriate "(T)" code from Category:Soft tissue

Non-standard CCI code

This is a non-standard CCI Procedure. Added an "d" for debridement to distinguish from the other "87" code Excision, Resection; debridement would have usually been part of that code, but to allow it to be collected in CCI Collection Mode "CCI collect first" it needed to be a separate code.

Collecting "CCI collect first" items

Px Date for patients who move

See Px Date#Moves

Alternate CCIs to consider coding instead or in addition

Related ICD10 Codes

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