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edit "cannot open any more tables" in Access Pagasa
  • After 24 rows, open and closed assigning Pseudo Phin an error message pop up then I cannot assign Phin anymore. I closed CFE then open then I am good to go again. The second time the error message pop up not 24 rows it less than 24 like 15 rows then it will show again the error message. PTorres 16:09, 2022 June 14 (CDT)
    • Is it the "cannot open..." error or the "enter parameter..." error you get at this point? Emailed Pagasa... Ttenbergen 10:49, 2022 November 16 (CST)
      • Still shows "cannot open "so I clicked ok then it says run time error 3014 cannot open any more tables. Closed the CFE then log back in.
      • After I continue assigning Pseudo Phin after 25 rows "cannot open" showed up again I clicked ok then error message shows again. Closed CFE then log back in.PTorres 14:42, 2022 November 30 (CST)
        • Are you following the steps in Generating PseudoPHINs when this goes wrong? Which step in those instructions are you at when it stops responding and you need to restart the program? Ttenbergen 13:48, 2022 November 29 (CST)
      • Yes, I am. I am clicking and assigning the new Pseudo Phin and not moving. PTorres 14:47, 2022 November 30 (CST)
2022-12-07 6:15:25 PM
edit "cannot open any more tables" in Access Pagasa
  • Assigning Pseudo Phin or working on the queries if I worked long enough opened closed it then the error message pop up "Enter Parameter Value". PTorres 17:01, 2022 April 14 (CDT)
    • What is the specific action or button press after which this happens? I.e. which step in Generating PseudoPHINs? Ttenbergen 10:49, 2022 November 16 (CST)
      • When I click the pseudo button to the left of the PHIN field label, nothing is moving.PTorres 15:23, 2022 November 30 (CST)
        • I don't understand what you mean by that. What is the last thing you do before the "Enter Parameter Value" error happens? As in, what is the last button you click or last field you enter? Ttenbergen 12:15, 2022 December 7 (CST)
  • 2022-12-07 6:15:25 PM
    edit ABG Data Allan
  • Identified as something we should do to streamline data collection. I have made this page to document progress toward this import. Blood gas data is in DSM listing; need to compare to see if we can use it
  • 2023-05-17 7:00:40 PM
    edit APACHE Acute Dxs in ICD10 codes Allan You asked for a spot for this info 2023-11-01 6:15:04 PM
    edit APACHE Comorbidities in ICD10 codes Allan You asked for a spot for this info 2023-04-27 3:37:59 PM
    edit Change of remaining location names from "our" names to EPR/Cognos names all JALT - Is there anything here we want to do before SF? Or that still needs to be done at all? Ttenbergen 09:42, 2023 July 6 (CDT)
  • What happens to the ICU Previous Location, Pre-admit Inpatient Institution, Dispo or even Service Location - should they be changed too by the new COGNOS ICU locations? Example current STB_ACCU is SBGH-CCUO in COGNOS, STB_CICU is SBGH_ICCS, STB_MICU is SBGH_ICMS. Should the old labels remain? We need to think hard for its implications to queries of linking and/or matching tables before implementing any change. --JMojica 16:33, 2022 February 2 (CST)
    • It would be nice to have this consistent, and yet you are correct that this would tie into a lot of things. I think the benefits of making it consistent win out, though especially when it comes to also thinking about this in terms of that metadata we discussed the other day. Even if we keep the (possibly identical) data in both s_tmp and s_dispo for now, we would then be able to use that metadata table for both. This would require thinking through the details. Julie, I think it only involves you and me, so maybe we should discuss at our wiki meetings? Ttenbergen 13:44, 2022 February 8 (CST)
      • Julie and Tina discussed:
    • We use the 4 fields Previous Location, Pre-admit Inpatient Institution, Dispo and Service/Location also to map patient flow between laptops, and we very much don't use Cognos values for this (e.g. HSC_Med). We need to retain this ability to use the entries for linking but would also make them the same as Cognos where possible. So we need to keep our "own" values for this for locations where we collect.
    • We decided to use manually split CC entries e.g. HSC_MICU vs HSC_SICU since Julie reports in those increments, ie it is hard to pull apart a stay in two ICU types if it is collected as one record. We don't want to lose that.
    • We would still like to change these own values to the "modern" values where we use legacy terms, eg. STB ICMS vs STB MICU. As long as we make a clean transition between old and new, or change all old, that should not be a problem, but we need to account for it.
    • We could use the Cognos values for all places where we don't collect, e.g. if a pt comes from Ward HSC_A1 and Cognos lists that as HSC-GA1, we could just enter that. However, for locations we don't collect we currently aggregate this to HSC_ward. Do we want the extra detail? It would be easier to enter but might be harder to interpret and possibly even harder to work with for collectors.
    • If we want to keep our proprietary value for locations where we collect, and keep aggregate ones for locations where we don't collect, I am not sure which locations that then leaves where we would use the Cognos values?
        • Julie, do you agree to that summary? If so, there may be nothing to discuss with Lisa, since we will need to leave this as is. If I am missing something pls update and then pass on to Lisa for her take. Ttenbergen 16:56, 2022 March 23 (CDT)
          • agree. pass to lisa. --JMojica 15:27, 2022 June 8 (CDT)
    • I think this is no longer an issue, unless we are looking to change how we collect this, which I am not in favor of Lisa Kaita 12:23, 2022 August 24 (CDT)
      • Even though this is no longer an issue, we should keep the above 5 summary issues here for future reference. --JMojica 13:38, 2024 March 12 (CDT)
    2024-03-12 6:38:18 PM
    edit DSM Lab Extract Tina
  • A possibility to change the current Chart entry to be the same with SH format (see #DSM Inclusion Criteria/ Process for reason why in details).
  • 2023-07-05 5:36:20 PM
    edit ER Delay Tina
  • I have re-updated Created_Variables_Common_maker_2021 query, for some reason the change I had made was not reflected in the master version. Ready to test. Ttenbergen 13:25, 2022 June 28 (CDT)
    • emailed Tina some inconsistencies found in ER Delays Aug 15,2022. --JMojica 13:21, 2022 August 29 (CDT)
  • 2023-04-19 8:52:09 PM
    edit Hemothorax or hemopneumothorax, nontraumatic Task Just wondering whether this code could be combined with iatrogenic causes similar to the guideline for:

    Guideline for Iatrogenic Pneumothorax

    According to our general rule of not coding iatrogenic events as traumas, code an iatrogenic pneumothorax as

    Iatrogenic, puncture or laceration, related to a procedure or surgery NOS

    Plus the most appropriate of the following;

    Pneumothorax, tension, nontraumatic

    Pneumothorax, nontension, nontraumatic

    Pneumothorax, nontraumatic, NOS

    Thanks, Pamela Piche 08:55, 2024 March 19 (CDT)

    • Allan made the initial entry of not to use this as an iatrogenic or trauma code in 2017, so let's discuss this at TASK Lisa Kaita 15:03, 2024 April 5 (CDT)
    2024-04-05 8:03:05 PM
    edit High-Obs Wards Tina Tina to add. 2022-10-20 9:32:54 PM
    edit Iatrogenic, mechanical complication/dysfunction, internal prosthetic device or implant or graft NOS Task At our last TASK meeting the decision was made to exclude spontaneous rupture of an ETT cuff or cuff leak, but we are wondering if this is correct based on what is listed in the includes section of this page and what is in Iatrogenic, mechanical complication/dysfunction, internal orthopedic prosthetic device or implant or graft or bone device and Iatrogenic, mechanical complication/dysfunction, cardiac or vascular prosthetic device or implant or graft, NOS Lisa Kaita 12:37, 2024 March 20 (CDT) 2024-03-20 5:37:32 PM
    edit Myocardial infarction, acute (AMI), NOS Task ICD 10 has this code for STEMI:

    2024 ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code I21.3

    • ST elevation (STEMI) myocardial infarction of unspecified site that includes transmural (Q wave) infarction

    ICD 10 has this code for NSTEMI:

    2024 ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code I21.4

    • Non-ST elevation (NSTEMI) myocardial infarction that includes Nontransmural myocardial infarction NOS

    Would it be less labor intensive for collectors to be able to use these codes instead of MI codes dependent upon development (or not) of Q waves as this is problematic to determine. Thank you, Pamela Piche 07:49, 2024 April 5 (CDT)

    • I have added this to TASK, in 2019 ICD 10 did not have STEMI/NSTEMI codes, now in the 2024 version they do, I agree with Pam can we switch to the new codes? Lisa Kaita 15:10, 2024 April 5 (CDT)
    2024-04-05 8:10:42 PM
    edit Query cardiac arrest throughout admission all JALT Review after 2023-09-15
  • Lisa flagged that, if we do this for Cardiac Arrest, we should really do it for other dxs as well. And if we did that, it could result in a lot of work since it would need to be mediated by Pagasa for now. So we decided to see where the SF implementation goes and review the definition of this check once we have a centralized tool where the data collector would not need to mediate this. Ttenbergen 15:43, 2023 July 13 (CDT)
  • 2023-07-25 3:49:53 PM
    edit Query check CCI CXR vs LOS all
  • Just came across this... the started query includes additional dxs now, as per #CCI collect count each. Does the proposed accepted count make sense for all the dxs? Your validation table was for CXR. Ttenbergen 11:50, 2023 May 3 (CDT)
    • Did some checking on all 13 LAB Imaging from CCI picklist and found counts more than the LOS only in ECHO, AXR and CXR. Emailed Lisa and Pagasa March 14, 2024 to check if correct or not. Waiting for their feedbacks. In the email, I also propose another query (e.g. the counts per calendar day per patient must not be more than one) as alternative to the threshold limits LOS +- 3 STD shown below. --JMojica 10:55, 2024 March 18 (CDT)
      • That query is tighter and would therefore have more false positives. What does Lisa think about that? Ttenbergen 09:51, 2024 March 20 (CDT)
        • I made some limits per LOS group for CXR, AXR, ECHO and Blood gases and emailed the results to Tina and Lisa 3/25/2024 for discussion. ---JMojica 13:28, 2024 March 25 (CDT)
          • Further emails with Julie and Lisa about details. Discussed with Lisa who is reviewing some of the errors and will hold off until she is done. Ttenbergen 12:46, 2024 April 8 (CDT)
  • 2024-04-08 5:46:21 PM
    edit Query NDC Bad Postal Code Tina
  • I think this is the process where you said you are having problems with copy/pasting. Copy pasting isn't even mentioned here, so maybe update the process to show how you actually do this, so that someone like Sheila Rusnak would be able to follow the instructions. Ttenbergen 15:45, 2022 March 17 (CDT)
    • Do you create that query each time? Would we be able to update the NDC query that finds these in the first place to include the info you need? We can discuss at our next meeting. Ttenbergen 16:23, 2022 March 17 (CDT)
      • Taking this off Pagasa's list for now, since if we can get this data from DSS we won't need to do this any more. Ttenbergen 15:36, 2022 March 24 (CDT)
  • 2023-05-04 5:03:24 PM
    edit SBGH Swing Beds all
  • to be sure, if I remember right STB ICU does that for ALL Boarding Loc entries, not just swing beds, right? Just trying to confirm, because if that's true then it's not a swing bed instruction but instead a STB Critical Care Collection Guide instruction (or possibly a Boarding Loc one). Ttenbergen 11:33, 2022 January 27 (CST)
    • Yes, the arrive time for all ICU patients is taken from the ICU flow sheets
    • I have done this Tina can we delete this page? Lisa Kaita 11:36, 2024 March 12 (CDT) I haven't done anything with the background or related articles etc
  • 2024-03-12 4:36:04 PM
    edit SBGH Swing Beds Lisa Are there actually differences in how CC, Med or different laptops do this? Or is the following correct for all?
    • Since any CUS entry at STB may be either a swing bed or a real bed, service locations and times need review.
    • For Medicine, the swing bed entries will often be obvious as the unit stays will be a matter of minutes
    • If a CUS entry is for a swing bed, manually exclude using the "exclude" button
    • Any ICU pt. may be placed into a swing bed, but the majority of swing beds are used for the ICCS pt's. The pt. is placed in a swing bed while in the OR, and then moved into a real bed post op when they arrive in the CICU. Their stay in a swing bed may be any length of time. The true arrive Dt/Tm is taken from the ICU flow sheets.
    • if a pt. was placed into an ICU swing bed but was never admitted to the ICU, the pt. entries are manually excluded from Cognos when reviewed.
    • I would feel more comfortable if a collector from SBGH reviewed this, as I haven't been there for some time and I am not 100% certain how they are dealing with swing beds Lisa Kaita 13:06, 2022 August 24 (CDT)
    • Pam tweaked the above, just waiting for Val to weigh in Lisa Kaita 13:30, 2022 August 24 (CDT)
      • Are we still waiting for feedback on this one? Ttenbergen 15:57, 2023 May 24 (CDT)
    2024-03-12 4:36:04 PM
    edit Service/Location field Lisa
  • Now that we have decided to leave this as separate wiki pages, should we remove the above line? Lisa Kaita 06:45, 2024 April 11 (CDT)
    • How about this. But we still have a problem: what do we put into the element_description for this in the template call? That's kind of important since it drives the auto data dictionary. Ttenbergen 17:22, 2024 April 11 (CDT)
  • 2024-04-11 10:22:17 PM
    edit STB ICUs VAP Rate, CLIBSI Rate Summary Task
  • IIRC we collected CAM positive (TISS Item) specifically for this, right? If so, can we stop collecting it? And can we make sure a stoppage like this in the future results in reviewing what we collect? Ttenbergen 10:02, 2024 March 20 (CDT)
    • Delirium rate per 1000 days per unit is being reported in the OIT Reports. ---JMojica 11:49, 2024 March 20 (CDT)
      • As in Delirium days is reported in Critical Care Program Quality Indicator Report? But that doesn't mention anything about per-1000-days. Ttenbergen 17:00, 2024 March 20 (CDT)
      • The rate is mentioned in the succeeding definition with the delirium days as numerator. Your proposal here is to stop collecting TISS item CAM positive which I disagree because that TISS item is being used and reported as rate in OIT Report. Besides, the reason why it was dropped in in the STB VAPCLI report is because the requestor has changed. Brett Hiebert who used to request this was involved in the VAP group and another Delirium group so he asked to have both as one request. Brett had left and the VAP group filled up a new request to continue the VAP data and not on the delirium data. --JMojica 13:58, 2024 March 25 (CDT)
  • 2024-04-08 4:27:53 PM
    edit Template:ICD10 Guideline MRSA Allan z "It was decided that Allan with contact Dr. Embil after COVID is over and see if we can obtain this data from Infection Control. If so, we could import it into the database, and have our data collectors cease obtaining it." - did anything come of that? 2021-01-12 8:59:00 PM