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CCI Picklist entries are CCI Procedures collected as part of CCI Collection that are entered as a single item that codes a single CCI code. (vs CCI Component entries) All CCI Procedures are in at least one of the CCI Categories.

Available list of procedures:

 CCI CodeCollection Mode
ECT (Electroconvulsive shock therapy to brain)1.AN.09CCI collect first
Tracheostomy creation1.GJ.77CCI collect first
BiPAP, CPAP, NIV, own ventilator (Mechanical ventilation, noninvasive)1.GZ.31.CB-NDCCI collect first
Cardioversion (EXCLUDE defibrillation-we are not tracking)1.HZ.09CCI collect first
CPR, cardiac resuscitation1.HZ.30rCCI collect first
Defibrillator, insertion1.HZ.53.GR-FSCCI collect first
Pacemaker insertion, permanent1.HZ.53.GR-NKCCI collect first
Pacemaker insertion, temporary1.HZ.53.GR-NNCCI collect first
IABP1.IC.53.GQ-QLCCI collect first
Angioplasty, coronary (without stenting)1.IJ.50.GQ-BDCCI collect each
Angioplasty, coronary (with stenting)1.IJ.50.GQ-OACCI collect each
CVC placement, any location1.IS.53.^^-LFCCI collect first
TIPS (transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt)1.KQ.76.GP-NRCCI collect each
Arterial catheterization, any location1.KV.53.HA-FTCCI collect first
Transfusion of PRBC1.LZ.19.HH-U1-JCCI collect count units
Transfusion of plasma products1.LZ.19.HH-U2-JCCI collect count units
Transfusion of platelets1.LZ.19.HH-U4-JCCI collect count units
Plasmapheresis1.LZ.20CCI collect first
Transfusion of albumin1.LZ.35.HH-C5CCI collect first
TPN (Total parenteral nutrition)1.LZ.35.HH-C6CCI collect first
ECMO, VA1.LZ.37.GP-QM.vaCCI collect count days
ECMO, VV1.LZ.37.GP-QM.vvCCI collect count days
Nephrostomy placement1.PE.52CCI collect first
PD (Peritoneal dialysis)1.PZ.21.HP-D4CCI collect first
HD (Hemodialysis)1.PZ.21.HQ-BRCCI collect first
CRRT (incl volume removal via PRISMA device)1.PZ.21.HQ-BSCCI collect first
BMT (Bone marrow transplant or transfusion)1.WY.19CCI collect first
Targeted Temperature Management (TTM)1.ZX.06CCI collect first
Chest tube, left in place1GV.52.HA-TKCCI collect first
Capsule Endoscopy2.0Z.29CCI collect each
EEG (electroencephalography)2.AN.24CCI collect first
ICP monitor (Placement of implanted, invasive intracranial pressure monitoring device)2.AN.28.JA-PLCCI collect first
Sleep Study (Polysomnogram, done in Miseracordia Sleep lab)2.AN.59CCI collect first
LP (lumbar puncture, diagnostic)2.AX.13CCI collect first
Thoracentesis (diagnostic)2.GV.52CCI collect first
PFT (pulmonary function test)2.GZ.21CCI collect first
Cardiac stress test (any kind)2.HZ.08CCI collect each
Cardiac electrophysiology study2.HZ.24.GP-KMCCI collect first
Right heart catheterization, in cardiac cath lab2.HZ.28.GP-PLCCI collect each
Swan-Ganz (Pulmonary Artery Flotation) Catheter placement2.IM.28CCI collect first
ERCP (endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography)2.OE.70.BACCI collect each
Paracentesis (diagnostic)2.OT.52CCI collect first
Urodynamics study (cystometrogram, done by urology lab)2.PM.58CCI collect first
Arthrocentesis, diagnostic2.WZ.71CCI collect first
Blood gas, venous2.ZZ.13.RACCI collect count each
Blood gas, arterial2.ZZ.13.RECCI collect count each
CXR (plain film)3.GY.10.VACCI collect count each
Angiogram, aortic (any part of aorta)3.ID.10.V^CCI collect each
Angiogram, pulmonary artery (pulmonary arteriogram)3.IM.10.V^CCI collect each
Angiogram, coronary (diagnostic cardiac catheterization)3.IP.10.V^CCI collect each
Cardiac CT or Cardiac CT angiogram (with or without coronary arteries)3.IP.20CCI collect each
ECHO (echocardiogram of heart)3.IP.30CCI collect each
Cardiac MRI3.IP.40CCI collect each
Cardiac nuclear scan (e.g. MUGA)3.IP.70CCI collect each
Angiogram, cerebral (including vertebral arteries)3.JM.10.V^CCI collect each
CT of chest with PE protocol (CT angiogram of pulmonary vessels)3.JY.20CCI collect each
Angiogram, artery NOS (except specifically coded)3.KV.10.VXCCI collect each
Angiogram, vein3.KX.10.VCCCI collect each
AXR (abdominal plain X-ray)3.OT.10.VACCI collect count each
Amniocentesis (non-imaging diagnostic)5.AB.02CCI collect first
Induction of labor (therapeutic)5.AC.30CCI collect first
Suturing of cervical os (therapeutic)5.AC.80CCI collect first
Termination of pregnancy pharmacologic (therapeutic)5.CA.88CCI collect first
Termination of pregnancy surgical (therapeutic)5.CA.89CCI collect first
Surgical removal of extrauterine pregnancy (therapeutic)5.CA.93CCI collect first
Suppression of labor (therapeutic) - incl via pharmacologic tocolytics5.LD.32CCI collect first
Cesarean section delivery (therapeutic)5.MD.60CCI collect first
SVD (Spontaneous vaginal delivery)5.MD.^^CCI collect first
Postpartum surgical repair (therapeutic) -- incl episiotomy5.PC.80CCI collect first
Prone positioning7.SC.01.TPCCI collect each day
Isolation, infectious7.SC.70.SACCI collect first
IVIG (IV administration of immunoglobulin)8.ZZ.70CCI collect first
No TISS Item (TISS Item)T1CCI collect each day
Intracranial pressure monitoring (TISS Item)T10CCI collect each day
CPR within past 24 hrs (TISS Item)T11CCI collect each day
Vasoactive drug IV continuous-single (TISS Item)T13CCI collect each day
Vasoactive drug IV continuous-multiple simultaneous (TISS Item)T14CCI collect each day
Pulmonary arterial line (TISS Item)T15CCI collect each day
Peripheral arterial line (TISS Item)T16CCI collect each day
Central venous catheter (TISS Item)T17CCI collect each day
Invasive Mechanical Ventilation (TISS Item)T18CCI collect each day
Supp O2 through any device, delivered via nose, mouth, ETT or trach (TISS Item)T20CCI collect each day
Non-invasive CPAP or BIPAP (TISS Item)T21CCI collect each day
ETT Present (TISS Item)T22CCI collect each day
Trach Tube Present (TISS Item)T23CCI collect each day
Planned extubation (TISS Item)T28CCI collect each day
Unplanned extubation (TISS Item)T29CCI collect each day
Intermittent hemodialysis (TISS Item)T32CCI collect each day
CRRT (TISS Item)T33CCI collect each day
Peritoneal dialysis (TISS Item)T34CCI collect each day
IV hyperalimentation (TISS Item)T36CCI collect each day
Patient is on isolation (TISS Item)T38CCI collect each day
Insertion of ETT (TISS Item)T40CCI collect each day
CAM positive (TISS Item)T9CCI collect each day
No procedure enteredX1CCI collect first
No procedure performedX2CCI collect first
Blank procedure entryX3CCI collect each
No codable procedure done in ORX4CCI collect first
CAR-T (Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cell Immunotherapy)XW043C3CCI collect each
CCI PickList Procedure{{{CCI_Picklist_Code}}}CCI collect each