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The Portal is a type of “table of contents”, which is designed to help collectors navigate the wiki. It contains a series of links to various pages, which provide information about our program as well as many detailed aspects of data collection.

This page is:

  • a good starting point for new collectors as they learn how to collect data.
  • a convenient reference point for more experienced staff, as it provides links to many different topics in one place.

The Portal is by no means an all inclusive list of links. Use the search engine to find items of specific interest. Also, as the wiki is constantly evolving and improving, please feel free to add anything to this page to make it more complete and user friendly for collectors.

Information for new collectors

The following links serve as an "orientation package" for new Medicine and ICU collectors at all three hospital sites.

Please review them before and during your orientation, to familiarize yourself with many aspects of data collection as well as to start learning how to navigate the wiki.

Expand the following collapsible box to find site specific details:

Site Specific Collection Details   

Information for all collectors




Info about our program

Back office

Related articles

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